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Jackie and Christian’s wedding at Victorian Manor in Cullinan


Victorian Manor in Cullinan…now THERE is a gem that I really enjoyed discovering for the first time. Have a look at some of the photos I took there…the place is unbelievable. If you are getting married in the Pretoria area…do yourself a favour and go and check them out.

What can I say about Jackie and Christian…one of the nicest couples EVER. We did a pre wedding shoot together before their wedding as well…and had a very enjoyable time together, I then knew that their wedding would be spectacular…and it was. I don’t always get an itinerary of exactly when what is happening at the wedding, but Jackie is a VERY organised lady, lol…and our day ran like clockwork. You will see this is a VERY big blogpost, I took a LOT of photos…and then couldn’t get the blogpost smaller than this. (I always say it is just as difficult for a photographer to choose between his photos than for a father to choose between his children, each photo has special significance, you remember the moment, how you took the photo…and how you’ve edited it…it is then difficult to throw the photo out)

Cullinan is a very old beautiful little town where the world’s biggest diamond was discovered. Jackie wanted photographs all over toen, at the end we just ran out of time…and I wished we had another two hours to get to all the places that I planned to photograph at.

I tried to bring the old feeling of the town into some of the photos..hope you like it Jackie.

The evening was all fun and laughter and dancing…as you would see in the photos. Special people always have special friends and family..

I must make special mention of Christian’s speech, the best I’ve ever heard. Unique and absolutely something VERY special. I wish I had a videocamera there to record it. he had Jackie in tears at some stages, only to have her broke out in laughter one sentence further…and then back to tears again. Well done Christian. I salute a man that can write a speech like that for his wife.

Jackie and Christian, it was such an unbelievable experience to be your wedding photographer…thanks for choosing me.

I just know that your life will be just as enjoyable as your wedding.

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Comments (3)

Jacqueline Venter

ONGELOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFLIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ons konnie vir ‘n beter fotograaf vra nie 😉 JC, jy het ons dag gemaak! Die foto’s is mooier as wat ons ooit kon dink…dankie dankie dankie!!! Ons het ‘n amazing tyd saam jou gehad….Glo my, ons beveel jou vir ENIGE iemand aan…van troues, tot baba foto,s….


Wow, Christian en Jackie, nou mis ek hulle eers. Wat ‘n ongelooflike great couple. ” Favourite by far” JC julle foto’s is amaizing en sal julle definitief promote hoor.

Beste Groete
Berthe Kershaw, Victorian Manor

WOW!!! Dit is pragtig! Dit was werklik ‘n sprokie troue!!! Mag julle baie lang, geseënde en gelukkige jare hê!!

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