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Valverde Wedding in Muldersdift – Nuan & Nadine

Valverde Wedding photographer in Krugersdorp JC Crafford

Do you know what I remember about meeting Nuan & Nadine the first time in the Mugg & Bean in Northgate.

1. This must be two of the most beautiful people I’ve seen together…I hope I can photograph them one day and

2. I took my little four year old daughter with to the meeting (thought it was a good idea) That was the naughtiest I’ve EVER seen a child in 45 minutes. That was her last meeting….EVER! LOL. I remember saying to my wife when i got home, this people will never phone me again, . And the they calles…and I got to photograph the wedding of this two beautiful, friendly outgoing people.

The venue was Valverde in Muldersdrift, one of the most beautiful venues around. I just love shooting there. well organised, friendly staff…and VERY good food.

Thanks for making me apart of your big day Nuan & Nadine, I love you two, I will always remember the good times we had at your wedding.

I asked Nadine a couple of questions about them.

How did you meet?

We met at a sokkie jol, was love at first sight! 😉

Tell us about the proposal:

Nuan took me horseback riding for my first time, I was very nervous. Little did I know Nuan was even more nervous that day as it was the day he would ask me to marry him. We rode horses for over an hour and then stopped for a romantic picnic! Nuan was extremely nervous, he was babbling on about random things while we were lying on the picnic blanket, like how the trees leaves above us looked like white flowers. 😉

Finally he got onto two knees and said to me “I am not sure how or what to say as I have never done this before but will you please be my wife”!!!!! I first said no sarcastically to see he’s reaction because he knew I couldn’t wait to marry him 😉 and then I jumped into he’s arms and said YES!!!!! It was the happiest moment in my life!

 Describe your wedding day:

Way too short!!!! So much planning went into the day and it was just over in a wink of an eye! But it was amazing, a feeling I find hard explaining to people. Felt like I was floating on a cloud and everything around me was a blur and all I could see was Nuan in front of me! The feeling of being married hit Nuan and I as soon as we said I DO! We are so in love, now more than ever!

The dress: Beautiful…. I felt like a princess and I didn’t want to take it off! I wish we could turn back time and do it all over again!

The Flowers: stunning!!! White roses, lily’s and midnight blue leaves

Highlight of the wedding:

Nadine said: walking down the aisle towards Nuan and seeing him cry when he saw me and the intense connection we had standing at the alter staring into each other’s eyes, a feeling I had never felt before! And the first kiss as husband and wife, we couldn’t stop kissing!

Nuan said: When I saw Nadine walking down the aisle… Best feeling ever!!

Was there any drama:

Yes, our fair share of drama. The bride was running very late and apparently the groom too 😉 Funny enough we are known for being late as a couple, for family events and all other occasions! Many of our friends and family always mocked us and said we are going to be late for our own wedding one day and true as anything we were! 😉 This was unfortunate as there was no time to take photos of the bride, my bridesmaids and my mom and dad before the wedding which would have been very special! We also ran out of time with our photo shoot and we would have liked to take more photos at the venue.

The Honeymoon:

Nadine said: AMAZING!!!!!! We were so blessed with our honeymoon! We spent a week at a 5 star private lodge in Thorny Bush where I got to meet and get to know Nuan’s cousin and her husband for the first time which was very special. We spent the week relaxing, going on game drives, having sundowners in the middle of a game reserve knowing that there are wild animals all around us and nothing between us!

Then we flew to Zanzibar…. all we can say is, it was picture perfect! Everything we dreamed it would be and more! We woke up to a sea view every morning and sipped cocktails all day long 😉 We came back with a golden brown tan, relaxed and happily married! Best feeling ever!

Nuan said: Exceeded our expectations by a big margin, we were hosted by my cousin Michelle at a very exclusive lodge in Thorny Bush, where Nadine got to know my family, and I made sure there isn’t a spider in sight, haha!! After that we spent a week in luxurious Zanzibar, our room was upgraded on arrival ensuring we have an amazing view of the sea every morning when we woke up. Cocktails and food on demand, permanent view of the sea with great weather conditions, and the best wife to share it with, what more does one need?!

Tell us about your photographer and favourite photo: our photographer was amazing, he made us feel like we were super stars! Favourite photo, I am not sure of yet, we will need to see them first :)We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer, we were completely at ease with JC, he made us feel comfortable with each and every picture he took. And he knew what he was doing, so we are very excited to see the photographs…

We would like to thank all our wonderful family and friends that came to witnessed our special moment and commitment to each other and shared in our joy! The day would have just not been the same without every single person that came, you all played a very important part in our love story!

True love can conquer the highest mountain and our love story is proof of this!

Never give up on true love because being married to the right person is a feeling nothing on earth can give you!

About JC Crafford Photography

We are fulltime specialist wedding photographers and videographers. It is a family owned business stationed in Pretoria in gauteng.

We work all over South Africa

Why must you choose us as your wedding photographers?  We are just as enthusiastic about your wedding as you are. This is our passion, turning in love couples’s biggest day into lifetime memories.

This wedding was primarily shot with the Fujifilm XT-1 and the Fujifilm XE-2,



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Oh my word, I am in tears! These photos of our wedding are beautiful! I am blown away! I am reliving the day by looking at these photos and it’s such an amazing feeling!!!!!

Nadine, you are an AMAZING couple, I am just so glad that you are happy!

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