The team behind JC Crafford Photo and Video

JC Crafford Photo and Video is an enthusiastic team of photographers and videographers specialising in wedding photography. We are some of those very few, very fortunate people that lives our passion every day.

Why weddings? Actually not only weddings, we just love to capture love! There is just something very special about two people in love, the chemistry, the romance, the families uniting, the future ahead together, the months of planning for the biggest and most important party of your life, the excitement, the nervousness, happiness, the beauty and glamour of the big day! There is nothing bad about a wedding day, it is just such a privilege to take the photos at the biggest event of somebodies life, the photos and video that they will look at for the rest of their life’s! It is obviously a huge bonus to know that your photographer and videographer at your wedding gets along very well, work well together and plan together to make the biggest day of your life unforgettable with the photos and video that they take.

Our vision is simple. We always want to keep our customers happy.The fact that JC Crafford Photo and Video are already one of the largest photography and videography businesses in South Africa after being in existence for 7 years proofs that we go out of our way to give our customers the perfect combination of a quality product at an affordable price with awesome service. We also want to be on the forefront of discovering and implementing new ideas for wedding photography and videography. We want to make the best of the circumstances and opportunities that is available to us to ensure that our customers have a product that they can show to their friends and family with pride. We do not strife to win prizes and competitions as recognition for our work. Our customers’ satisfaction is our real payday!

We photograph and film weddings because we absolutely LOVE everything about a wedding day. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture the biggest day in a couples life. The photos and videos that we take will be treasured and shown to friends and family for years to come. Every couple look at their best on their wedding day, they then also deserve to be portrayed in the best possible way!

Our offices are situated in Garsfontein in Pretoria, Gauteng but we regularly travel all over South Africa to photograph and film weddings.

We also have a VERY SUCCESSFUL STUDIO at our offices where we do photoshoots. Our business has also branched out in a separate entity JC CRAFFORD.BIZ, which deals with photography, videography, web and graphic design for businesses.



Photographer and Editor

Passionate about photographing people. I specialise in photographing weddings in South Africa and I’m stationed in Pretoria. Marketing and photography are my passions. I read about it in my free time to relax. Love working, I’ll do it 24 hours a day if I didn’t have to sleep. My interests are camping, reading, watching series, surfing the internet.


Videographer, Graphic and Web Designer

Surika is the co owner of JC Crafford Photography and Videography. Studied fine arts. A gifted and patient web and graphic designer. She listens and always give a customer what he or she wants. No problem to big or small, she MAKES it work! Her interests are family time, camping, drawing and painting, watching series.


Videographer and Editor

One of our self taught videographers and video editors. Patient, thorough and prepared to put in all the hours to get a project out on time. People's person. His interests are watching movies, camping, spending time with family.


Photographer and Editor

I am a qualified photographer with a diploma in photography and make-up artist, over editor, fantasy literature aficionado and tattoo lover. I enjoy model photography, styling and bad movie sequels.

Yolandi Westermann

Videographer and Editor

I am a happy, fun, energized lady that comes form a little town called Thabazimbi, in the heart of the bushveld. I love being around people, so I moved to Pretoria to become a videographer and editor. I love being a part of people's special moments and that is why I want to capture it and share that moments with them. I love fishing, camping, traveling and painting.

Miya Crafford

Future Photographer

Miya is Surika and JC's 7 year old little princess, strictly speaking she's not part of the business yet, but she's always around us and have a keen interest in what we do. She always come and greet all the brides that come and see us, give them a flower and often a little card that she's drawn. Often when we do a studio shoot and their is difficult children Miya is the one that manages to calm them down. So, if you want to book a wedding in 15 years time or so... she's your girl!