Wedding Videography in Pretoria

So you want a wedding videographer? And you don’t know who to get?

JC Crafford Photo and Video is a creative group of people that specialise in wedding videography and photography. We are one of the very few companies in South Africa that offer both services. We are based in Pretoria, Gauteng. Our team have done a combined 500+ weddings all over South Africa. Visit our website and read more about us, there are also some photos so that you can see what we look like.

It only makes sense to let the same company do your wedding photography and wedding videography. You can of course book our photography and videography services separately, we regularly work with other suppliers. It is important that your wedding videographer and photographer have a good working relationship that compliment each other and offer you a product that you will be proud to show to friends and family.

We are passionate about wedding videography and photography, we enjoy the romance, passion, pressure, party and the honour to be involved in such a big and joyous occasion. We just LOVE LOVE! What puts us streets ahead of a lot of people in this industry is our genuine love for photographing and filming weddings.

It is very important that you must feel relaxed in the company of your videographer and photographer of choice, you can have the best wedding videographer and photographer to shoot your wedding but if you are not relaxed in their company it will show on the video and photographs. Our brides always say that we were like an extra bridesmaid at the wedding. We consider that as a compliment... it means they were relaxed around us.

Let’s meet each other for coffee at our office before you make any final choices, we are talking about your one special day and the memories you are going to show people for the rest of your life!


  • We are a reputable company that specialise in weddings. We are one of the biggest wedding videographers and photographers in South Africa.
  • We do a LOT of weddings, that’s why we understand a wedding day, everything that’s happening, the bride getting a bit more emotional and stressed the morning of the wedding etc.
  • We know what is the important footage to get.
  • We have the right kind of equipment to film a wedding.
  • We use a lapel microphone and professional sound recording equipment during the ceremony and reception to give you awesome sound recording of all the speeches and service.
  • Your video will be recorded in HD format.
  • Your footage will be professionally edited to give you an end result that will make you proud to show to family and friends. Our editing are done in house. Your photos and video will be edited to accurately reflect the mood and character of your wedding.
  • At the office we use state of the art computers to edit on and we have backup servers on the premises to make sure your photos and videos are backed up and saved if one of our computers should crash.

All the edited footage for the Deluxe package will be supplied on a memory stick and consist of the following:

Cinematic Web Teaser

The very best moments of your wedding edited into a 3-4 minute video with background music. This will also be uploaded to the internet. We will provide the music due to copyright reasons.


Your whole ceremony, from beginning to end. Awesome video and high quality sound.

Extended Highlights

The best moments of your wedding edited into a 15-20 min video with music of your choice. This version is long enough to be a true reflection of your wedding, yet short enough to watch again and again as your relive those special moments.


All the speeches, from beginning to end. Awesome video and high quality sound.

Your own love story... on the screen. PS: Titanic was voted as one of the best romantic movies of all time, and it was made at a cost of R2 Billion in 1997. So technically your love story are filmed at a bargain price - LOL.


We will capture all those special moments

Our Prices

We have two packages available. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Cinematic Package


  • 7 Hours Coverage
  • 1 Camera Operator
  • 1 Camera

  • Venue
  • Bride preparation
  • Groom preparation
  • Ceremony Highlights
  • Photoshoot
  • Reception Highlights

  • 1 Memory Stick with the following video files:
  • Extended Highlights 15 - 20 Min
  • Cinematic Highlights 2 - 3 Min
  • NO full ceremony and NO full speeches

Deluxe Package


  • No time limit
  • 2 Camera Operators
  • 2 Cameras

  • Venue
  • Bride preparation
  • Groom preparation
  • Ceremony - filmed from two angles
  • Photoshoot
  • Reception - filmed from two angles
  • Messages from guests - only on request

  • 2 Memory Sticks with the following video files:
  • Ceremony
  • Speeches
  • Extended Highlights 30 - 60 Min
  • Cinematic Highlights 2 - 3 Min

Except for wedding videography, we can also help you with these add on packages

Video Invite

From R3 500

Be the star in your own personalised video where you invite your guests to your wedding. We will sit down with you and plan your personal Video invite. We will then send our Videographers with you to shoot your invite, we will edit the footage, add the music of your choice, and upload the final E-Video invite to You Tube. We will then email the link through to your guests.

If you have a grandmother that doesn't have internet problem, we can just print her a DVD (with your photo on) that she can view on her TV through her DVD machine.

Have a look at this E-Video invite we did for a client


R1 800

Have a look at this, it is really really cool. Be different, instead of spending a lot of money on printing wedding invites, why don't you rather let JC Crafford Photo and Video design you a personalised wedding invitation that you can email to your guests. It’s basically a little mini website with your wedding colours, choice of wording and photos. They can even email you back from the E-Invite to tell you if they're coming or not. The directions and map to your venue will also be on there. In most cases this will cost you cheaper than printing and posting paper invites (and MUCH less hassles) and you go green by saving trees! This is the new trend, You don't send Christmas cards and Birthday cards anymore? Why send wedding invitations?


Wedding Website

R3 500

Wedding website: We can also register your name or surname as a domain name, exp. We can then design a tailor made website for you that include the following: Galleries of all your photos: current photos, kitchen tea, bachelor’s party, and wedding pics. Your own personalised e mail address, exp. Links to whichever website you want, exp. venue.Map to venue. Wedding Invitation. Link to blog where you can write about all the arrangements for your wedding. Any special arrangements and notices that you want to give through to your guests can be posted here. Registration of the domain name, email address and hosting of the website for 12 months is included in the price.