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Jana and Evan’s wedding at Zambezi Point in Pretoria


Man, This is the way a wedding should be. Full of fun and excitement and all the guests having the time of their life’s.

It started in May 2013 when Jana & Evan came to see me and asked me to photograph their wedding in December 2014 at Zambezi Point in Pretoria.

They signed the contract, paid the deposit, and then I didn’t hear from them again…until a year and 5 months later. “ Just to say that we’re still alive and still getting married in December” Talk about trust!

Their wedding day started off with me photographing the couple getting ready, the men seriously enjoying themselves and having a few drinks. And the woman seriously getting make up and hair done.

I will never forget Evan’s face when Jana walked down the isle where her dad was standing ready to marry them. The moment was just to big for him! Very nice Evan, everybody could see that this was a very important moment for you and that you clearly loves Jana a lot!

We had a LOT of fun with the photo shoot, this couple was so relaxed and prepared to do anything to make sure they have nice wedding photos.

The evening was even better…LOTS of partying (our photobus was there as well) and a lot of Zambezi Point’s legendary food and hospitality!

Thanks for choosing me as your wedding photographer Jana and Evan, you are a fun couple that belongs together.

Photographer: JC Crafford

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