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Charl & Lilli’s wedding at Opikopi in Pretoria


A True Love story:

Once upon a time, in a village only 6 city blocks away, a dis hearted prince lived in his big home alone. One starry night, whilst enjoying a banquet of amazing food and drink with his close friends, a beautiful stranger entered his humble abode on the arm of a recent acquaintance. The prince, after a brief yet amazing time spent with this princess, made up his mind that this spectacular creature belonged no other place than on his side until death do them part.
Slowly their love grew and in one spectacular year, the time had come for the prince to ask for her hand. She was whisked by carriage to a distant mountain and a view to die for. With no idea of what was to follow, the prince disappeared from view only to return to her side of the chariot, he got down on his knees and asked her permission to join them for life.
The proof of this matrimony is captured in colour and written on scroll.
Their love, passion and honour, visible to all.
I wish all of you were there to see these two. So comfortable together, they fit like Salt and Pepper.
They got married very close to my house in Pretoria East, at Opikopi guest house, we also photographed them there.
Some special things that I liked about their wedding:
  • Lilli’s chart…first time I see this, Lilli had a chart in her main bedroom where she counted down the days towards her wedding, now if you see something like this…you know a bride is truly excited about her wedding day.
  • Lilli’s excitement. this lady couldn’t stand still, she was making small little jumps all the time, her excitement is really infectious and one of the reasons why everybody loves Lilli.
  • Charl and Lilli got matching tattoos (on a place I’ve never seen a tattoo, it must have been very sore) look for the photo
  • The bridesmaids wore yellow and black, Lilli LOVES yellow sunflowers (maybe that’s why she has such a outgoing sunny attitude) This sunflowers was specifically grown for them)
  • She not only had a garter on, there wassomething special for Charl as well…a string of sweets around her leg. Thoughtful.
  • They didn’t have the normal canvas print for people to write messages on, they got a wine rack for their guests to write messages on.
  • Charl’s dad was the minister at the wedding.

Charl and Lilli…you two are a wonderful wonderful couple…every moment with you was unforgettable, thanks for choosing me as your wedding photographer, your wedding was really a lot of fun.

Lilli and Charl als went for a Trash the Dress shoot when they came back from honymoon, here is some of their photos, taken in the water at 4 degrees celsius

JC Crafford

Wedding Photographers and Videographers


by: JC Crafford


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