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Glenburn Lodge & Spa | Eugene and Luanne

Hartbeespoort Photographer

Eugene and Luanne got married at Glenburn Lodge & Spa in Muldersdrift.

There was a close call with the rain on their wedding. It stopped raining just before the church service was set to start.

The bride was very nervous about the rain and the fact that the make-up and hair were running behind schedule.

Her brother decided to play a prank on her (knowing she was nervous about being late) and set the clock that hung on the wall forward by 30 minutes. Making her believe she was already late.

We all laughed about it but ended up being a little late anyway.

The rest of the day passed without a problem unless you count the bouquet hitting the glass chandelier and the pieces breaking off.

There is never a dull moment at weddings.

Timothy Crafford

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