Dave and Roelinke’s Wedding at Usambara in Krugersdorp


Everyone loves renting a DVD with a good love story. But not all great love stories become a Hollywood film. This is one of the great things about being a wedding photographer, I get to see a beautiful love story at least once a week. I had the privilege to be the wedding photographer at  Dave and Roelinke’s wedding at Usambara in Krugersdorp. To see how they unite and take their big love story a step further. What an incredible feeling to be part of the biggest day in somebody’s life.

I was excited to go back to Usambara, the last time I’ve been there it started raining and I couldn’t get all the shots I wanted.

So, where did their love story start?

Dave worked with Roelinke’s dad, they knew each other for 7 years already. Dave is an auctioneer, he wanted to take Roelinke out, her dad said he can take her out if he can get R80 000-00 for her car on an auction. Dave got R93 000-00, that meant that he could come and visit with a short sleeve shirt (his arms are full of tattoos)

They went out together for the first time on her birthday last year to Silverstar Casino…and the whole family went with. A week after that they went out again, the went to a hill in Noordheuwel and watch the lights and stars…that’s where they fell in love.

They got engaged at his house, he made some nice food for Roelinke, good wine…and popped the big question.

I must tell you this: You know how the groom always come short during his speech when his friends come and sit in front of him? Well, this time it was different, like I said, Dave is an auctioneer and talks for a living, it was the first time ever that I saw the friends coming second and the groom winning the battle. Well done Dave….your speech was awesome. You really know how to manage a crowd! And Roelinke had her own speech….it was fantastic Roelinke.





Roelinke, I took a chance here, from your explanation where you watched the lights the first evening when you fell in love it sounded like this might be the spot, I took this photo there and made this photo for you to remember that special evening!


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