Glenburn Lodge Wedding Photography – Gerrie & Chereé

Wedding Photography at Glenburn Lodge

An awesome venue, friendly people a beautiful bride, the groom one of the nicest guys you can get…oh yes, and two VERY funny bridesmaids. That’s some of the things I will remember about Gerrie and Chereé’s wedding at Glenburn Lodge.

We were the photographers and videographers at the wedding. Two things were very different for me at their wedding. They didn’t have the normal way of naming or numbering the tables. Each table was named after a movie. Gerrie was VERY romantic, and instead of just slipping the ring unto her finger in church, he actually went unto his one knee, and then put the ring on…nice one Gerrie.

Gerrie’s  mother in law is obviously very impressed with her new son in law, have a look at the photo taken directly after the ceremony where she congratulates Gerrie.

Thanks for the honor of choosing us to photograph and film your big day Gerrie and Chereé, we throughly enjoyed the day with you.

You can watch a 5 minute shortened version of Gerrie and Chereé’s wedding video here.

Here is Chereé’s story on how she and Gerrie met:

In 2003 my parents decided to move to the South Coast, where I met Gerrie whose parents had also recently moved there. We went to the same high school, lived in the same little village and our mothers had shops right next to each other, it seemed serendipitous that we should become friends.  He asked me out on a cold Sunday in June while we were walking on the beach and the rest as they say is history. He proposed on the 1st of June 2012, nine years to the day when he first asked me out and a year later we are getting married after ten years together.

by: JC Crafford


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