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Makiti wedding photography: Thys & Annancia

makiti wedding photography by JC Crafford Photography

Makiti wedding Photography

This wonderful day was held at Makiti wedding venue in Krugersdorp. What a loving couple this was, one could see the happiness shine through both of them on every second of the day. Thys could barely wait to kiss his bride for the first time. After a cold and very windy photoshoot the party started, with a very fun reception and crazy dancing. I wish Thys & Annancia all the best with their marriage ahead and to build on great memories from this day.

We asked Thys & Annancia a couple of questions:

How did you meet?

We met while we attended Hoerskool Rustenburg in North West. Thys teased Annancia and that is how the friendship started. After school they went their own way and bumped into each other in 2009 at the Action Cricket. They have been inseparable since! We never knew that a person can be in love for such a long time! After being together for over five years, all the friends and family were relieved when Thys eventually popped the question!


Tell us about the proposal

Thys took Annancia to Sun City on the weekend of 7 February 2014. She didn’t expect anything! He lured her into the botanical gardens and dropped to one knee on a swing bridge, next to a waterfall. Through all the tears and smiles, there was a very definite “YES”! Annancia even stopped strangers to tell them the great news! Best weekend ever!


Describe your wedding day, anything specific that you will always remember

It was one of the coldest and most windy days of the year! I was so cold when I was waiting in front of the church. But as soon as the Wedding March started to play, the doors opened and I saw Thys with tears running down his face, I was warm. I knew that a great man was giving me away to another great man! Everything is going to be GREAT!


The dress

My dress was made in Thailand when we were there on holiday in April 2014.


The Flowers

Our flowers came all the way from Rustenburg! Thys’ parents had to transport them out of the water (lying flat) because they were so tall! Annancia loved the BIG arrangements because there wasn’t 2 that looked alike. Simple, but elegant. Less is more…


Highlight of the wedding

The whole wedding was a highlight! We wouldn’t want to change a thing!


Was there any drama

The only thing that didn’t play along was the weather, other than that, nothing that we knew about.


The Honeymoon

Best Holiday Ever!!! We stayed in the Crystal Beach Resort in Palmar near Belle Mare in Mauritius ( ) . One of the most beautiful hotels that we have seen and we were greeted with warmth and hospitality. The weather was great and the ocean was crystal clear. We did some snorkelling, pedal boating, under sea walk, catamaran cruise, a lot of eating, shopping and just enjoying our lives together! What a great way to start a marriage!


Who did your make-up and hair?


–               Make-up = Candice Storm (email:  Cell: 082 323 5463)

–               Hair        = Bibi Rabie (079 884 6610)

–               Hair        = Uzanda Marais (076 868 4469)


Any other suppliers that you want to mention?

Flowers  = Calavi Blomme (email:  Tel: 014 594 2477)


Where was your honeymoon?

Crystal Beach Resort, Mauritius


Do you have any advice for other brides/grooms-to-be?

Don’t rush anything! Not on the day or before. Stop and smell the roses! Absorb as much as you can. Before you can find yourself again, then it is over. The day is yours!


What was your inspiration behind your overall wedding decor and colour choices?

Thys has red hair and Annancia has blond hair. Fire and Ice, Strawberries and Cream… hence our colour scheme. We decided on a deep red and cool white. Neither one of us likes a lot of frills and “faff”. We didn’t want flower arrangements or bouquets. Just some pretty flowers and sticks in a vase! Red roses and white Lilly’s with willow sticks. Simple, but beautiful and elegant.


JC Crafford Photography

JC Crafford Photography is a team of specialist wedding photographers and videographers in pretoria , gauteng



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Soos gewoontlik uitstekende fotos van Jc en sy span! Was n great aand!!

Dankie Gordon, ek is so jammer ek kon julle nie sien nie, groete daar vir Nadine ook hoor

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