Galagos Wedding Photography by JC Crafford Photography – Johan & Suzanne


Galagos wedding photography

Galagos…I’ve been waiting for 4 and a half years to shoot a wedding at this magnificent venue, and then I was the wedding photographer at two weddings in two weeks, with both grooms having the first name of Johan. Why was I so excited about a Galagos wedding photography session?  Just have a look at the photos and see how beautiful the place is.

The other thing that made me very excited about be the wedding photographer on this day was the people that I would photograph….Johan & Suzanne.

There is a saying that goes like this: Never rush into falling in love, because love never runs out; Let love be the one to knock at your door. Besides true love is worth waiting for.

This was never more applicable than in Johan & Suzanne’s case.

Some people just jump into a marriage…and then they realise later that they’ve made a mistake, Johan & Suzanne waited until they were in their 40’s, and then got married for the first time.

Suzanne said she prayed to God for the right man…and then waited patiently. She and Johan met each other on an internet dating site…and immediately know that this is THAT moment. They hit it off from the first time they met each other, and as they say…the rest is history.

I don’t get many chances to photograph weddings of people that is a bit older, and I was wondering how it will be. Will they be just as in love and will it show on the photos? Or will they be more reserved? The answer is, these two are so in love, I hardly had to ask them to pose in any way, all these photos are just a reflection of the incredible love they feel for each other.

Johan & Suzanne are both VERY religious people, and they even got Suzanne’s home cell leader of many years (Helta Steyl) to fly up from Cape Town to lead the ceremony. What an awesome service it was, thanks Helta.

They only invited a few very close friends to the wedding, and the rain that fell during the reception (that was outside) didn’t dampen the spirit at all, everybody just moved their tables underneath the huge umbrellas and enjoyed the day.

Johan & Suzanne, it was such a privilege to be your wedding photographer and to experience the love you have for each other.

JC Crafford Photography is a Pretoria based wedding photography and videography business. Why do we photograph weddings? Simple. We just love love.

We also photograph weddings all over Johannesburg and Gauteng as well as all over South Africa.


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