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Valverde wedding: Marius & Jeanne


Valverde wedding

A Valverde wedding is always something special, I love the place and there is more than enough place to photograph the bride and groom during their wedding shoot. Talking about the bride and groom.  What an awesome couple, unpretentious, friendly and they were enjoying every single second of their wedding. The fact that Jeanne looked absolutely gorgeous in her wedding dress made my life as a wedding photographer so much easier. And Marius? He is one of those people with lots and lots of friends, everybody likes him, the type of guy that gets invited anywhere…simply because everybody loves him. Together we enjoyed every second of the wedding shoot.

Marius & Jeanne, you are such an awesome couple, I predict that your marriage will always be filled with fun and laughter. Stay just the way you are…you are perfect.

JC Crafford Photography were very lucky to be their wedding photographers as well as their wedding videographers, you can click here to watch a highlight version of their wedding video. We are based in Pretoria in gauteng and photograph weddings all over South Africa

I asked Jeanne a couple of questions:

How did you meet?

Blind date – My best Friend was dating his best friend and decided to introduce us, a group of us went to Primi Piati for a friends bday and they brought him with, he sat there all comfortable on a couch and we hardly spoke, we decided to go to another place afterwards. That’s where is began – I could not believe my eyes – a guy that actually opens a car door for you, pulls out a chair for you.. but still I wasn’t sure, I thought this guy was to good to be true.

I told him that I’m quite a tricky girl, I only hold hands after the 5th date, I only kiss after the 10th date… He just did not give up, he said that it was love at first sight and that he will fight for me, he didn’t lie, after the 5th time he asked me out, I thought let’s just give it a try… I have not had regret one day in my life!!!!!!

 Tell us about the proposal:

I knew about the ring, just didn’t know about the timing, Marius came home and said we going to Emperors palace, we going to have supper at Tribes (I immediately started asking questions, did you get my ring, what does it look like…) he shook his head and just said no he did not get my ring he just feels like something nice to eat, he tried hiding it (he did it very well) he went a whole night without asking any questions and as soon as I gave up, he popped the question, 2AM that morning!

 Describe your wedding day, anything specific that you will always remember

As a little girl I always dreamt of a fairytale wedding with prince charming – and that’s exactly what I got.

The dress

My dress was perfect, except the part I had to dance and the person dancing with me had to keep my dress up in order not to trip over it J

The Flowers

They were perfect!!! Trudie & her husband made everything spectacular!

Highlight of the wedding

  1. When I met up with my father and he could not believe what he is seeing &  i could see those tears rolling off his face
  2. When I met up with my husband, he held my hand so tight, even if I wanted to run away it would not have been possible!

 Was there any drama

I can’t think of major drama – my mom sorted everything out!!!!

 Where was your honeymoon?

Phuket, Bangkok, Dubai

The Honeymoon

It was amazing, loved every single second!! Fell in love with each other all over again!

Phuket – Party Paradise,

We drove around on scooters, went on a lot of tours, partied, laughed, we had so much fun!!!!

Bangkok – Shopping Paradise

–          We shopped until we had blisters on our feet!!!!!

Dubai – We almost had a heart attack, arriving in Dubai the pilot announced, “The temperature in Dubai is a MILD 47 degree’s”

–          We were also in Ramadan, you are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke in public.

–          We went to Alantis the Palms, WOW

–          Dubai is really very over the top, its stunning!! Next time we go to Dubai, we need to rob a bank first!

 Tell us about your photographer.



The whole team was amazing, they are really friendly, they are a great team, and they are EXCELLENT in every aspect of being perfect!!!!

They are the type of people that u just don’t want to let go, you want to have a party with them, they are really AMAZING!!!!!

 Who did your make-up and hair? 

Monique Studio – Monique –

Wassefa – Wassefa []

What was your inspiration behind your overall wedding decor and colour choices?

After 50 ideas, 20 themes & 10 grey hair, it inspired us to get a move on, we decided on my decor & colour choices

Every Saturday was wedding day for my mom and I, we spend every Saturday (about 20 Saturdays) in shopping centres, wedding shops & China mall.

My mom refuses to ever set foot in one of those shops again.

My whole wedding would not have been possible without my mom!!!!






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