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Fred & Jolanda’s wedding at Zambezi Point

Zambezi Point wedding photography by JC Crafford Photography

Zambezi Point wedding photography

I love Zambezi Point just outside Pretoria, beautiful place and awesome food…and they go out of their way to make their guests feel welcome. Fred & Jolanda was a referral from a couple of mine that got married a few years ago, and it was so nice to see them at the wedding again. Fred & Jolanda are two gentle sould that are clearly very much in love with each other. The day went past without anybody stressing about anything (from what I could see) The photoshoot was done during a beautiful sunset and we all had a lot of fun

I asked Jolanda some questions about their wedding

How did you meet?

We met on an online chat site.  Chatted for about a month before we met in person.  I remember telling my mom that I have met the guy I’m going to marry and 2 years later that is exactly what I did.

Tell us about the proposal

It was my birthday and Fred invited our parents and my grandparents to my birthday. It was really special to have all my loved ones there. It was a normal birthday party and then they sang to me, but what happened after the song I could never have imagined. Fred stood up to make a speech and the next moment he was on his one knee in front of me. Everything around me stopped and it was just this beautiful moment in time. He even had the camera on recording to capture this wonderful moment.

Describe your wedding day, anything specific that you will always remember

Absolutely perfect, there is not one thing I would have done differently. My father Sarel Harding walking me down the chapel was an emotional moment, and then looking down the aisle seeing Fred’s tears of joy running down his face. I still remember telling him stop crying my make-up. We were so blessed to have both sets of parents and my two grandparents together with all our family and friends to share this day with us.

The dress

The first dress I fitted was the one that stole my heart, it just made me feel so special. The boutique owner fitted the dress and said I looked and sounded like a little bird that is chirping of happiness.  Thank you so much to Your Day Bridal Pretoria for making me feel so special.    

The Flowers

I chose to have Gerbera daisies because their meaning represented our relationship:  innocence, purity, and cheerfulness. My mother Anneline Harding was the artist behind the beautiful bouquets on my special day.

Highlight of the wedding

Every single moment of happiness

Was there any drama

I had a bolero made to match my dress; I did not want my arms or back to be exposed. Unfortunately it was a bit of a disaster as the seamstress started to make the bolero a week before the wedding and then used the wrong material; it was so scratchy that I decided to go without it, as there was no time to fix.

As we were ready to leave the honeymoon suite where the girls got dressed, my maid of honour Suzanne Zoepie van Jaarsveld’s car did not want to start, so she left the car and jumped in the car with me…the crisis she forgot my dancing shoes in her car, so my lovely chauffer Renier van Rooyen had to go back during the taking of the photos to go and fetch them.

With a wedding starting at 4:30pm you think you have more than enough time, but somehow we ran late and the photographer ended up taking the getting ready pictures of the guys at the venue.

The Honeymoon

We were so privileged and blessed that our honeymoon was sponsored by our friends from Bombshelter Bikers Church, Unlock Foundation and Dead Men Riding Biking Ministry.  We started the honeymoon off at this little manor, Valley at the Rainbow for the weekend.  The atmosphere at this manor was so intimate and calm.  We were served 6 course meals and spoiled with a picnic.

We then spent the rest of the week at a beautiful little cabin Linger Longer, on the outskirts of Dullstroom, in the middle of nowhere.  This was the best week of my life.

Tell us about your photographer.

Photographer was amazing, we used JC Crawford photography for the photos and video and they we so professional.  We had them on the floor outside the honeymoon suite waiting for the right moments to take the perfect pictures. There was a time that we were rushing to make sure JC gets the photos he wanted with the fast disappearing light.  The photos are really stunning and I could not have asked for a better team to capture these special memories.

Who did your make-up and hair? (Contact details and email as well please)

Salon Chantell was responsible to make all us ladies look absolutely beautiful, We had our pamper sessions with Chantell Nienaber as well, we spend the day, the Wednesday before at the salon getting our facials, nails and tans done

Salon Chantell 0726394621

Our hair was done by Cecilia from Trinity Hair. And she did a wonderful job.

Trinity Hair, Cecelia 0828603870

Any other suppliers that you want to mention?

Cris from The Red Velvetier was the artist who whipped up my beautiful cake.  He was just such a blessing, we had design issues but in the end he did an amazing job. He delivered the cake personally all the way from Glenvista,

The Red Velvetier, Cris 072 406 9105

Where was your honeymoon?

Outskirts of Dullstroom (See previous question on Honeymoon)

Do you have any advice for other brides/grooms-to-be?

Enjoy every moment, the day goes by too fast to be bothered about little imperfetions, focus on each other and the moment that you are in.

What was your inspiration behind your overall wedding decor and colour choices?

I have always loved gerberas so they were the obvious choice as flowers.  When Fred and I discussed colours, or rather when I gave him a choice of colours he said rather the pink.  So I was a very happy bride as I got a pink wedding.  We went for a traditional wedding with a touch of modern.  I wanted a traditional wedding without it being boring.  So I used all the traditional elements but added my own touch to it. I did all the décor myself with the help of Fred, my maid of honour Suzanne Zoepie van Jaarsveld and my parents, Sarel and Annelie Harding.

JC Crafford Photography were the wedding photographers and videographers at the wedding.

Here is some video highlights followed by the photos


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