Ellisras wedding Photography: Jaco & Rozelle


Ellisras wedding Photography

Jaco and Rozelle’s wedding, special people must have a special wedding, and how special and unique this was.

No hall, and no church. The got married on top of a mountain (the guests had to be taken to the top with 4×4’s) and the chairs were bales  of hay. The reception was under the stars, each guest brought their own cooler box and they had one BIG party.

We had a very nice photoshoot, for once I had all the time that I wanted, we went to the nabouring farm….and then had a mad rush to get to the top of a mountain on the adjacent farm where the wedding was held to catch the beautiful sunset. We were shooting with the sound of roaring lions in the background. We even had a special moment during the photoshoot. I asked the bride and groom to stand in a veld to take some photos, they said something smelt very bad. Two metres from them was a half eaten warthog that was caught by a leopard!

The groomsman and bridesmaids even had a pillow fight on a dirt road (beat that!)

Talking about the groomsman, it was Hollanders, coming all the way from Holland to support Jaco on his big day!

Over to the bride, I asked Rozelle a couple of questions:

Jaco and I are both people that love nature. It is actually this passion that brought us together. We are both lecturers in nature management. We met on one of these camps and and became good friends. When visiting students in Zimbabwe we realised that we are more than just friends. Jaco stayed in Ellisras and I stayed in Gauteng. When a post opened up in Ellisras I moved there.

Jaco is VERY special to me, he is the one that picks me up after a long day at work, he is my best friend, he means everything to me. I thank God that He brought us together.

Jaco is always full of surprises, and out engagement was the same. He told me that we are going camping the weekend when we celebrate our first anniversary together. The manager at the farm gave us his game vehicle and we travelled all over enjoying the wildlife. After the game drive we came around the corner and the camp was infront of us…I couldn’t believe my eyes. The camp was full of lanterns and fires burning, there was a luxury tent, decorated with hearts everywhere. I still believed this was a surprise because we were together for one year! We had a fantastic evening, had some good food, swimmed in the river, and sat next to the fire chatting. Jaco took out a bottle of champagne…and the next moment he was on his knees. (It took me a few moments to realise what was happening. I laughed and cried so much that Jaco had to ask me if it was actually a yes…LOL.

We woke up the next morning early and went for a walk in the veld, it wasn’t the end of my surprises yet. Back at the camp there were two horses. We went for a ride through the veld. We were warned the previous day already not to go near the lodge as there were important guests. Close to the lodge I heard the sound of one of our favourite Bobby van Jaarsveldt songs. Again I didn’t know what was going on. Suddenly familiar faces appeared everywhere, Even my parents, they drove 500km to be there to celebrate our special day with us. Jaco arranged with everybody to sleep over at the lodge for an engagement party!

Jaco, after this I couldn’t wait for our wedding day, and for our life together. you are my everything, my one and only, and I love you more than words can say!


Describe your wedding day, anything specific that you will always remember

I will always remember the good times my friends and I had when we were getting ready for the wedding

 The dress

I hired my dress from Annemarie. (annemarie@richelles.co.za) It was so nice to pick out the perfect wedding dress with her guidance.

My veil was the same one that my mother wore on her wedding day, I hope I have the honour one day to put it on for my daughter. 

Highlight of the wedding

Two things stand out…my dad’s face when he saw me with my wedding dress on, and Jaco’s face when he saw me.

 Was there any drama?

There was alot of drama, a lot of things went wrong, from my dress’s zip that stripped an hour before the wedding up to the wedding car that didn’t pitch up.  It was a mad confusing day…that I will never forget.

The Honeymoon

I didn’t know where we were going, just before we got unto the aeroplane Jaco told me that we’re going to Mauritius for a week. What an awesome time we had, we even swimmed with the dolphins.

Tell us about your photographer and videographers

The people from JC Crafford Photography weren’t just people that took the photos and filmed the wedding. They were stalwarts, they kept us calm throughout the day that was full of drama. You guys are the best.

Do you have any advice for other brides/grooms-to-be?

From the morning that you wake up, enjoy every single second, every joke, every small little conversation. Take your time walking down the aisle…that is what you are going to remember.

What was your inspiration behind your overall wedding decor and colour choices?
We like the bush, so it had to be in the bush, we chose red because it was winter and the colour would have perfectly matched with the brown winter colours.
Jaco and Rozelle, you are so different, so unique and so special. it was an incredible honour to be your photographer and videographers. Thanks for sharing your most special day with us.

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