Jaco and Shireen’s wedding at Louig Giano at Mon Plaisir

JC Crafford Photo & Video wedding photography at louig giano at mon plaisir in Pretoria JS-1055

Jaco & Shireen are just the two most amazing people. Shireen only care about other people, her whole wedding day she went out of her way to make sure other people are happy and are having an awesome time. Jaco, is the type of guy that like to share that big friendly smile of his. You can see these two are attached to the hip. They are unseparable.

That looks when they saw it’s other for the first time in church…priceless. it’s not often that you see a groom that emotional. Jaco started crying the moment he saw Shireen coming down the isle on the arms of her dad and granddad.

I asked the lovely couple a couple of questions about their wedding day.

Jaco and Shireen, thanks for asking me to be your wedding photographer. I can’t think about anything better i could have done on 12 March 2016 than being your wedding photographer.

Love you guys! Big time!

Photographer: JC Crafford

How did you meet?

We met whilst playing action cricket for our company. We were partners and the love developed from there.

Tell us about the proposal

We both arranged that our families should finally meet one another. We had the family gathering at Jaco’s parent’s house but little did I know that it was a set up and everyone there knew about it. Jaco got down on one knee and proposed in front of everyone. Very brave indeed!!

Describe your wedding day, anything specific that you will always remember

Jaco: I won’t forget how beautiful my bride looked the first time I saw her come down the  aisle.

Shireen: The first time I saw Jaco standing at the other end of the aisle. I couldn’t stop smiling!

The dress:

I went to 1 bridal boutique, tried on 4 gowns. Once I saw the last one I fell completely in love with it. I’m a ‘plain jane’ so it was a simple sweetheart neckline with diamantes. No lace no frills.

The Flowers:

The flowers were possibly what gave us the most stress during the planning of the wedding. The person responsible at our venue for doing our flowers never stepped up but thankfully my cousin Craig Whitehead (owner of CKW  Niche Lifestyle Design) helped us out and saved the day!! They were everything we wanted.

Highlight of the wedding:

Jaco: Saying I do

Shireen: Saying I do to the love of my life

Was there any drama:

Other than the owner of the venue being unavailable for the entire planning process, everything went down great.

The Honeymoon

It was a surprise for me (Shireen). The day before we went on our honeymoon, Jaco gave me a few riddles that I had to get right to get clues on the location. Knysna was the location, somewhere I have wanted to go my whole life. We drove all the way down whilst sightseeing. It was the most we have seen of our beautiful country than we have ever before.

Tell us about your photographer.

Such an awesome, friendly person with a gentle soul. Along with his team, Jc made our day that extra special. We have no regrets and would gladly choose him again.

Who did your make-up and hair?

Tamaryn Pretorius, this lady is the best! No matter what you want she can do it and always with a smile. A fairy godmother in disguise.

Info@tamarynpretorius.co.za 076 124 6879

Any other suppliers that you want to mention?

Craig Whitehead (owner of CKW Niche Lifestyle Design) for the beautiful flowers. See his facebook page for details.

Vickie Whitehead (local dressmaker) for the men’s waistcoats.(they are no related in any way)

Hannetjie from the Cake Wagon. She did our wedding cake.

Where was your honeymoon?


Do you have any advice for other brides/grooms-to-be?

Jaco: If you are sure that you have the right women then you have everything.

Shireen: Make sure you have an awesome photographer and videographer that can capture your special day in such a way that you can relive it because your wedding day goes by in a flash.

What was your inspiration behind your overall wedding decor and colour choices?

The colours of the venue determined our colour choice but with that aside we both love the colours. As for the theme we based it on our invitation which was a passport therefore we carried that over into a travel themed wedding.


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