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Lorraine and Francois’s wedding at Rivierfront Lodge

JC Crafford Photo and Video wedding photography at Rievierfront Lodge in Pretoria FL

Lorraine and Francois met in Cape Town. Francois was the boss. So het couldn’t really flirt with her. But he said that didn’t prevent him from looking at her sexy ‘ass’ when she walked past. (his words)

In 2013 he moved to Johannesburg. The could now start to openly talk to each other. They enjoyed each others company, but that was it. No romance yet. Until LORRAINE decided to tell him how she feels (brave girl) Lorraine said he had such a big freight she didn’t hear back from him for over a day. After the day he was quick to ask her if he can come and visit in Cape town.

After this little visit Lorraine asked Francois to join her for her year end Knysna. This went so well that they prolonged the year end function into a two week holiday together.

Two weeks after the holiday Lorraine flew to Pretoria to come and visit Francois in the bush. He asked her to be his girlfriend. Things are now moving fast. Over the next four 6 they fly up and down between Cape town in Pretoria…and then Francois gave her THE ring.

Their wedding was in the bush once again. Right next to the Apiesrivier. At Rivierfront Lodge.

Close friends and family were there. It was a day to remember.

Francois and Lorraine. It was a privilege to be the wedding photographer of two such awesome people, thanks for having us.

May your wedding be blessed abundantly.

JC Crafford



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