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Casa Blanca Manor wedding – Amber and Rayner

Casa Blanca Manor wedding by JC

Casa Blanca Manor wedding

Casa Blanca Manor near Pretoria was the setting for Rayner and Amber’s beautiful wedding.

We were the photographers and the videographers at the wedding…always nice if you do both.

Amber and Rayner were in my studio the week before for a pre wedding studio shoot, they were thus not as nervous about the photos. But…a wedding is something very big and very special, very few people don’t get nervous on the big day…and Rayner and Amber were no exception.

I just love Casa Blanca, lots of places to take photos, beautiful setting, the owners are personally involved and their food is to die for. You can really check them out if you are looking for a place to get married at near Pretoria.

Amber and Rayner had something very special at their wedding. Each guest’s champagne glass had a Wild Hibiscus flower inside, imported from Australia … actually taste very nice.

Rayner’s mom had Amber and Rayner’s initials painted on her nails…she obviously like her new daughter in law very much. I thought that was a very special touch.

Rayner and Amber, you are two very special, we can see that your life will be the same as your wedding day….full of love, friendship and enjoying the good things in life.

Thanks for making us part of your very special day.

But how did these two met? Here is their story:

Once upon a time in a kingdom not too far away, there lived a charming young prince and a beautiful princess. They lived their lives side by side but never meeting until one magical night. The princess stood outside the party unloading all her beverages for the evening when the prince came racing up in his silver chariot.

The first thing he said to her was ‘ nou gaan ons braai’ and after hearing those enticing words the princess knew it was true love. They began their courtship very quickly and the prince tried very hard to impress the princess by taking her on expensive dinners and horse ride picnics by the river, to doing what he does best and braaiing for her.. A year later the prince took the princess away for the weekend. He had decided it was time to make her his queen.

He took her to her favourite restaurant which had been done up beautifully and waited for the right moment to pop the question. The princess was very worried as the prince was very quiet that night. After many questions to find out what was wrong the prince finally asked the princess to become his queen and marry him. She immediately said yes as she knew she had found the one her heart belonged too. After months of preparation the special day had arrived with many kings and queens, princes and princesses and court jesters arriving from all over to share their magical day with them.

After a special message and giving their vows to each other the pastor finally announced them king and queen, husband and wife. The celebrations continued late into the night with everyone themselves. The prince and princess where later whisked away to begin their lives together. This is how their fairytale begins and they lived happily ever after.

JC is a family owned business, we are romantics at heart that specialise in wedding photography and videography.

We capture LOVE!

 JC, Surika and Timothy.

Amber’s make-up was done by:

KARIN Roode  professional make up., Tel: 0823075909

OK, here is their video…followed by their photos.



And here is their photos, click on the first one and after that use the left and right buttons to scroll through the photos.


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