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Pik & Elsie’s Wedding at Lechwe Lodge


Pik & Elsie. Their love story started when 4 girls decided to go to Mosselbay on holiday, at the same time 4 guys decided to go on holiday….also to Mosselbay.

The two groups met each other at a place called Pirates. The guys were all farmers, and the ladies really enjoyed the evening with this 4 nice decent young men. The next day the guys invited them for a braai, they all ended up dancing, the girls particularly liked them because they could all “langarm”

But they were all just friends.

The guys even helped the girls to take some of their luggage back after the holiday…talk about helpful. LOL.

Once back from holiday they invited the girls to a rally on Pik’s farm. Pik was the perfect gentleman, according to the girls there was a “million” pieces of meat to braai ans about a “hundred” tins of each kind of cold drink and cider and beer, apparently Pik was always over prepared for every party and always made sure that his guests had a good time.

And THIS is where their love story REALLY started. It was soon clear that Pik had a special feeling for Elsie….and Elsie for Pik. The same guys that were on holiday together is the same guys that were Pik’s best men on his wedding, and the same girls that were on holiday together were the girls that were Elsie’s bridesmaids. So they were all together when the two met. Now THAT is very special.

It was fitting that they got married at the incredibly beautiful Lechwe Lodge in the Free State near Kroonstad. This place has everything, beautiful scenery, wildlife, the best food I have ever eaten…ANYWHERE! and the people that work there become your friends before you leave the the next day. It is of course an added advantage that they have a lot of chalets there, so all your guests can stay over…ensuring that you have an even nicer party! (Think guests stay late and everybody are having a breakfast together the next morning) They are only two hours drive from Gauteng, the perfect getaway wedding destination.

Elsie’s Wedding dress was designed by Werner Dey, and I must admit, it is a GORGEOUS dress! His tel number is 0568115758, and his email address is: Her make-up and hair was expertly done by Caz de Jager from Head Artistry in Bloemfontein, his tel number is 0514442012 and his email address is


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