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Leon & Nelmarie’s wedding at Valverde

JC Crafford Photo & Video wedding at Valverde in Muldersdrift LN

Nothing upsets Leon & Nelmarie. They were as cool as cucumbers on their wedding day. Even when Nelmarie was running 45 minutes late, she didn’t stress. When the rain didn’t want to stop and they had to move the ceremony inside, she didn’t stress. This was THEIR wedding day. And they were not going to get upset about anything. They were intent on enjoying it!

Leon was helping to decorate the hall at Valverde and Nelmarie was drinking Strawberry Lips with her bridemaid and getting her make up done.

Leon had a BIG surpise waiting for him, but he didn’t know about it. He didn’t have a best man, he was going to have a best lady, but he didn’t know it yet. A very good friend of the couple came from Turkey, she just landed at the airport in time (thanks to Nelmarie running late) got dressed in a public toilet, and arrived at Valverde 10 minutes before Nelmarie was about to walk in. She just said to Leon: “I believe you want someone to stans with you in front of the Church?”

That’s what friends are for. And that is what you call an AWESOME friend.

Leon works overseas, and he and Nelmarie doesn’t get to spend a lot of time together, so it was no surprise how lovey dovey they were with the shoot. Talk about chemistry!

The evening was a PARTY. In capital letters.

Leon and Nelmarie, I don’t actually have words to describe you two, you are special, unique, so different, down to earth. And clearly meant for each other.

Thanks to you I had one of teh best Sundays of my life…EVER!

Love you two!

JC Crafford

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