Kloofzicht Lodge wedding- Matthew & Samantha

Kloofzicht Lodge wedding photography - JC Crafford

Samantha & Matthew…Kloofzicht Lodge…the most awesome group of friends…EVER…and of course…SAVING SILENCE!

Is there anything more to say about this wedding?

Let me tell you one thing, I photograph at least one wedding a week, I have NEVER seen a party like this. Sam & Matt, you simply have the most awesome friends. You guys know how to party. I’m still trying to get Flossie clean…but what the heck…it was worth it…LOL

I think this was as close to perfect as you can get, a handsome groom, very beautiful bride and a setting like Kloofzicht Lodge…I am lucky to have been your photographer, Thanks!

Talking about Flossie, if you haven’t seen some of the hilarious photos that were take in her…you’re missing out.

But how did this match made in heaven met and got engaged?

Our mutual friends tried to set us up in 2008, Matt called me and offered to take me out for drinks, I told him I would call him back to let him know when I would be free…I never did. (Sam…that is VERY bad…lol)  A year later we saw each other while at a mutual friends house and immediately I knew I should have called him, Matt started sending me facebook messages and we finally met up for a dinner on the 26th April 2009…it was fun and love from there onwards…we hardly spent a day apart and finally moved in together in August 2010. Our relationship has been filled with ups and downs but we have learnt a lot from each other and realised how we compliment each others strengths and weaknesses, eventually making this a wonderful journey that we both want to keep going on.


How we got engaged:

Matt broke his collar-bone, while cycling, about 2 months before we were scheduled to go skiing in Italy so naturally I had to take care of him. While still in a sling he arranged an amazing engagement surprise; Matt told me he was booking us a night away at the new hotel 54 On Bath in Rosebank so that I could get a bit of a break. He fetched me from my parents house on the 30th November 2013 at 5:00pm and we drove through to the hotel…when we arrived the hotel staff (who knew what was going on) sat us down in reception and brought us some drinks. All I wanted to do was check into our room and then go down to dinner, but Matt was trying to stall me as he had timed everything according to his plan. Eventually i convinced him to go downstairs to dinner but luckily the restaurant was closed until 7:00pm. We sat outside and had a drink while listening and laughing to the “Bill Nye the Science Guy” theme song on Matts phone. When we finally entered the restaurant we sat down and ordered dinner…half way through the meal, matt got up and said he desperately needed the bathroom…after about 20min he called on my cell phone and told me in a panicked voice that he had slipped in the bathroom and hurt his broken collar bone…the only thought going through my head was “shit we going to have to cancel our December Ski trip”…I rushed upstairs and as i opened the door i saw rose petals on the floor and matt was on one knee with 4 ring boxes on the floor in front of him, he handed me the first box and inside was a note saying “All I ever need is you by my side”, he handed me the 2nd box and inside was another note saying “I knew from the moment I met you that I wanted to spend forever with you”, he handed me the 3rd box with a note inside saying “Will you be my forever?” and then he opened the 4th box and inside was the most beautiful ring i have ever seen! I said “yes yes yes” and that was it. After that excitement I eventually looked around the room…there were candles and rose petals everywhere including in the bathroom and he had especially ordered in white chocolate fudge (two of my favorite things). He did an amazing job arranging it and keeping it a secret. Now we begin a new chapter of our lives together. Always and forever.


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JC these pictures are incredible! We couldnt have asked for a more talented or awesome photographer! We are so happy and grateful that you were able to capture our special day! Thanks JC!

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