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Irene country Lodge wedding – Gerrie and Madelein


Pretoria Wedding Videography and Photography

Irene Country Lodge in Pretoria was the setting of Gerrie and Madelein’s beautiful wedding. They went all out wit this one, and paid attention to the small detail (every guest had a special lapel badge with his/her name on as well as a their name cut out of wood by Gerrie and placed on the table) , their wedding day really was something that they made VERY special. They weren’t just satisfied by having a normal DJ like everybody else, nope, they had to have Gerhard Steyn to sing at their wedding. ( I must say, I obviously knew he was a great singer, but I didn’t actually know how good he is and what incredibly nice people he and his wife Zelri is until I met them at the wedding.)

Another idea I liked was that the guests didn’t sit in rows during the ceremony, they were positioned to sit in a spiral. Madelein and Gerrie thus walked pass every person coming into the ceremony.

They are just two such very special people, it was an absolute pleasure to have been their wedding videographers and to have the photo booth at their wedding

JC is a family owned business, we stay in Pretoria  in Gauteng and specialise in photography and videography at weddings.

Irene Country Lodge Wedding – Gerrie and Madelein from JC Crafford on Vimeo.

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Dis die mooiste boodskap van ware liefde tussen twee mense. God het jul bymekaar gebring vir ‘n rede. Jul is twee pragtige mense, mens kan opkyk na jul om ware liefde te sien en deel.

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