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Krugersdorp Wedding Photographed by JC Crafford at Sulla Via – Bruce and Sandra

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Bruce and Sandra, we’ve spent an awesome day with you photographing and filming your wedding. You two are an amazing couple that really deserve each other…and your cute little boy Micah!

Surika, Timothy and I drove through to Krugersdorp early the Saturday to start filming and photographing at Sandra’s family home. (They decided to take our photography and videography package) This place was a beehive of activity, family, friends, hairdressers and make up artists were running all over the place…and Sandra was as calm as a cucumber.

I took a few photos and then went over to Sulla Via where the wedding was held to check out the place and plan all my shots. I’ve been to Sulla Via years earlier and didn’t know what to expect…I was pleasantly surprised. I also checked on my other son, Bertie who was setting up our new mobile photobooth, a photobus named Flossie that was doing her first wedding after been redone in her old age. She is a first of her kind in South Africa. We thought she would be popular, be we didn’t know how much until we saw how all Bruce and Sandra’s guests enjoyed her. You can view the photos taken in Flossie at their wedding here.

Everything at their wedding went like clockwork, the only hitch was the following, I must tell you about it, we had a good laugh afterwards. They had a priest handling the ceremony, a lovely guy! We put the small little lapel microphone on the stand where the priest had to stand to do the ceremony. He then decided NOT to use the stand but rather to walk around in front of the people where the microphone won’t pick up his sermon. Timothy and I looked at each other, what to do now? Should we interrupt the priest? Timothy walked to the priest and handed him the microphone. The priest looked at it for about 3 seconds…and promptly switched the microphone off and put it down one side. What now? maybe he doesn’t like microphones, doesn’t want to be recorded? I was scared of getting crapped out in front of everybody if I take the microphone to him again. But…Bruce and Sandra would like to hear everything afterwards, so i took the microphone to the priest again…this time he took it. Were we relieved! LOL

I asked Sandra to write us the story on how she and Bruce met, here it is in her own words:

When Bruce first move to Johannesburg he was lonely… With the majority of his life left behind at the coast he was lucky enough to have a few friends in up here . One cold night, he decided to call one of his friends to join him for a jol, only to find that she was tired of entertaining his shenanigans and passed the phone to her cousin, Sandra. After an exchange of words, some facebook verification and being asked what language his surname was (do I look flippin Italian) she decided that he was a good enough person to keep in contact with.

What started as a few innocent phone calls and texting, resulted in Bruce driving to Krugersdorp at some ungodly hour of the night to prove his commitment, and Sandra sneaking out of her parents house to meet this mystery man that had charmed his way into her heart.

A year later they got engaged and some months later their beautiful son, Micah was born. All was left to complete this little family was to make it official.

They planned to get married around December 2013. Sandra’s godmother entered a wedding competition last year with no intention of getting married herself but hoping that if she won it, she would give it away to Sandra and Bruce. And that was exactly what happened! With that the date of the wedding was brought to March 8th – the five year anniversary of when Sandra and Bruce started dating.

And like they say, the rest is history!

Here is a selection of their wedding photos that I like the most, enjoy watching this and reliving your big day Sandra and Bruce.

You can also click here to view a shortened version of their wedding video

JC Crafford can photograph and film your wedding and important functions. It is a family business. We stay in Pretoria but travel all over South Africa to photograph your big day and to capture it in full HD video.

Sandra and Bruce, I know God will bless your union, enjoy married life and each other. thanks for all the hospitality and friendliness to us on your big day!


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