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Wedding Photography at Morgenzon Estate in Pretoria by JC Crafford – Bertus & Monique


Morgenzon Estate is a beautiful venue in Pretoria. With its Cape Dutch building style and gardens it gives you the impression that you’re on a wine farm in the western Cape. It’s an elegant venue, and Monique and Bertus is a very elegant couple that fit right into the surroundings.

We did a pre wedding photo shoot and a video invite for them before the wedding, so we got to know each other very well before the wedding already. I love this two people: Kind, friendly, always willing to help, and very thankful for every small little thing that people do for them. A very very decent couple, the kind of people that you love to go the extra mile for.

Just to give you an idea what kind of people they are: Monique’s mom baked the wedding cake, and she even baked a small little ladybird cake for my little daughter Miya who was at home. How many people will do that? Salt of the earth!

Monique and Bertus got engaged exactly two years before their wedding date…I just love it if a date is so significant to people.

Monique’s dad married the couple…and after that it was a relaxed party with their best family and friends. Monique and Bertus, we wish you all the best of life in the years ahead.May all your days be as beautiful as your wedding day.

Fujifilm XT-1 Wedding Photography

Their wedding was also very significant as it was the first wedding in the world to have been photographed by Fujifilm’s exciting new camera the XT-1. The camera was introduced to the world two days before their wedding and I got a pre production model from Fujifilm SA to try out at their wedding.

To say that I was impressed is an understatement, I have at the time of writing this blog post shot 9 weddings already with the camera and there is no chance that I will shoot a wedding with any other kind of camera soon.

Thanks for the chance to use this awesome camera Eslie Basson, I appreciate it!

JC Crafford Pretoria Wedding Photographer

JC Crafford is a Pretoria based wedding photographer. Enthusiastic, exceptional, different…with a passion for shooting weddings. We also do videography at weddings, that part of the business is handle by my wife Surika and son Timothy!

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