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Wedding photography at Lavender Hills in Bethlehem by JC Crafford / Mosidi & Mohau


Lavender Hills Wedding

Lavender Hills in Bethlehem, a wedding photographer’s dream, and one of those places where they make every bride and groom’s dreams come true. I have never been there where everything wasn’t PERFECT. The ideal place if you want to get out of the city for your wedding, enough place to stay over, close to beautiful places like Clarens, stunning places to take photos at…and their FOOD! You can also have a look at some of these photos that show how they decorate tables, I am a man, but even I can appreciate how beautiful their flower arrangements are.

Some people are just an absolute joy to work with, nothing upsets them, they are always in a good mood, they just make you feel so special, at ease and welcome. This is why it was such an honour to photograph the wedding of Mosidi and Mohau, because they are that kind of people. I just LOVE them. I think we talked about how special they are for half of the way back to Pretoria after their wedding.

I asked Mosidi and Mohau a couple of questions about how they met and their wedding:

How did you meet?

Mosidi and I grew up in the same township and went to the same primary school and secondary school.  But we had never met. The most attractive thing about her was that she was different, I was drawn to her humility.  We were finally introduced by a friend of mine who was her colleague at the time and as it turned out we were living in the same building just down the passage from each other.

 Tell us about the proposal

Mohau arranged a trip for us to Cape Town to attend the Cape Town International Jazz Festival.  We were very excited and looking forward to it.  It was a great weekend particularly because it meant we’d get to spend a lot of time together and for some reason I was getting everything I asked for (that should’ve been my first clue). Then on the Sunday (1 April 2012) we decided to be tourists for the day.  We spent the end of the day at the waterfront and at sunset we took a ride on the Cape Wheel.

This was amazing!!  A spectacular view of the Cape Town city skyline – the Stadium, Table Mountain and Robben Island with the love of my life right next to me.  Then in the midst of all that euphoria he starts saying a lot of things… I don’t remember anything he said because at that point he had an open ring box in his hand with the most stunning diamond ring inside.  My heart was beating so fast I thought it would beat right out of my chest.  Once my “very serious looking” boyfriend finished speaking he looked at me right in the eye with a nervous smile on his face and the only thing that came to my mind was a resounding YESSssssssssss!

 Describe your wedding day, anything specific that you will always remember

Our wedding day was perfect.  Everything worked out the way we wanted and our guests had a good time, the flowers were stunning.  Our highlight of the day was definitely the ceremony.  From the walk down the aisle to the wedding vows.  It was a beautiful ceremony and a great beginning to the rest of our lives.

Was there any drama

We’d hoped there would be no issues whatsoever, but no such luck.  So, as the reception continued, it came time for our first dance.  The MC sets the moment up and we step up to dance to our carefully chosen song Here and Now by Luther Vandross – and the song doesn’t play.  After a few seconds of the DJ just looking at us blankly we realise that he doesn’t have the song and so we dance to the song that he has chosen to play for us – Feelings by Zonke.  It was disappointing that we didn’t get what we had wanted but now when we hear the Zonke song we have fond memories.

The Honeymoon

We went to Krabi- Thailand for our honeymoon and what a fantastic trip it was.  The weather was perfect (although quite humid – but you got used to it).  We relaxed and had so much fun we even forgot that we had day jobs!  It was the best trip we’d ever taken and we’ll cherish those memories for the rest of our lives.

 Tell us about your photographer.

We knew we had to meet JC after going through his website and reading about him and his family and his passion for wedding photography.  After our first meeting with the family we were so impressed and convinced that we cancelled all the appointments we had with some other photographers and our search had ended.  JC is a brilliant photographer.  We had a pre-wedding photoshoot at a small park prior to the wedding.  We generally don’t consider ourselves photogenic but the product from that photoshoot was fantastic. The photos were so versatile it looks like they are taken from a number of locations and not just one.

JC, Surika and Timothy were a pleasure to work with.  They make you feel so comfortable that most times you even forgot that there were cameras around.  They think out of the box and really pay attention to detail.  Thanks a million guys!

Lavender Hill Country Estate – (058) 303 1673 Evette

Dress – Eve’s Bridal – 011 268 5599

Stationery – Ruby Grey (011) 453 5220 Janice

JC Crafford Pretoria Wedding Photographer

JC Crafford Photography is a Pretoria based Family business. We capture love. And LOVE it. JC does the photography and Surika and Timothy does the videography. We travel all over South Africa to capture the memories of special people on their special days.

Read more about our wedding photography and our wedding videography .

Here is a selection of some of Mosidi and Mohau’s wedding photos, followed by a video highlight of their wedding.




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