Marcel and Megan’s wedding at the Royal Elephant Hotel in Centurion


Marcel and Megan. What can I say. Everybody that knows them know that this is a match made in heaven. Every moment you spend with these two is a worthwhile moment.

Megan is family of mine, which made the photography and editing part just about 100 time more difficult than any other wedding I have ever photographed, I mean, your whole family is going to see the photos!

Thy got married at the incredibly, incredibly beautiful Royal Elephant Hotel in Centurion. This place is paradise for a photographer…and their food? Without a doubt the best I have ever eaten. (excluding my wife’s meat balls of course)

Marcel and Megan first saw each other in 2008 at the University of Pretoria, Megan saw Marcel, but ignored him and kept on chatting to her friend. The next time she saw him was in 2009, she smiled at him when he walked past (because she remembered him from somewhere) and from that moment she couldn’t get him out of her mind.

The started seeing each other more and more.

Megan was head over heels in love and told all her friends about Marcel. So was Marcel.

He made a fictitious advertisement with a photo of Megan that said “EVE is looking for her Adam” and posted it to Megan, these two names stuck until today.

In August 2009 they started going steady, in December 2010 Marcel asked Megan to marry him…on her 21st birthday. But they both had to finish their degrees first, and 15 months later the big day arrived.

Megan and Marcel, thanks for asking me to be your wedding photographer, it was an incredible privilege to share your big day with you!

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Johan, woorde kan nie beskryf hoe dankbaar ons vir die fotos is nie… Dis oomblikke wat vasgevang is wat ons nooit weer kan terug kry nie, maar as ons na die fotos kyk sal ons dit vir altyd onthou! Jy het ons SPESIALE & KOSBAARSTE dag vir ons gecapture. BAIE DANKIE! Ons kon nie vir beter vra nie. Dis pragtig…

Baie, baie dankie vir die WONDERLIKE fotos en dat jy Marcel en Megan se dag so spesiaal gemaak het. Jy het oomblikke vasgevang wat net jy sou raaksien. Jy is ‘n absolute ster.

Mariëtte Morkel

Megan en Marcel, julle is die perfekte couple. Daar is ongelooflike “chemisty” tussen julle en mens kan die liefde vir mekaar in die fotos sien. Wow julle is pragtig en jul foto’s is great. Johan welgedaan die fotos is wonderlik.

Marcel en Megan dit was een van die mooiste troues wat ek by gewoon het. Mag die oomblikke wat hier vas gevang is vir altyd by julle bly en laat niks of niemand dit van julle af weg neem nie.

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