The White Lights wedding Photography – Hanno and Maralize

The White Lights wedding in Johannesburg photography by JC Crafford

I have photographed a lot of people that’s in love, and I have now photographed Hanno & Maralize three times. Two pre wedding shoots (yes you have read correctly), only one just didn’t do it for them, and their wedding of course.

But, there is something about them that I really love. And that is the way that they both come alive when they are with each other. Almost like they are then in their own little world where only they exist. They life for each other, you can see that they are each others best friends and that they will treasure and protect their love very jealously. They smile more, they constantly smile and laugh about everything, it is something beautiful to watch, and photograph. Just look through these pictures, you will see what I mean.

Very rare for a bride Maralize was VERY relaxed the day of the wedding, Hanno was the nervous one. She got ready at the venue, The White Lights in Lanseria, with all the commotion of getting the place ready around her. The White Lights is a beautiful venue, and Maralize chose exactly the right colours for her wedding to compliment the venue. Just look at how beautiful the venue looked, lots of whites, lots of sunlight.

Quite an interesting story how I met Hanno and Maralize, Maralize’s dad Andre is a minister, and him and I was at school together. We haven’t seen each other for many years, until he was the minister at a wedding I photographed 2 years or so ago. He told Maralize about me, she looked at my photos, and decided I will be her wedding photographer. Something I liked very much as it was a real pleasure to photograph this two lovely special people.

Andre did not only bring Maralize into the church, he also officiated the wedding, not something you see every day.

Hanno and Maralize, you are two beautiful people, I have enjoyed the journey with you tremendously, Thanks for sharing so many special moments with me. You really are a breath of fresh air.

Wedding Photographer:

JC Crafford


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