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Shannon & Belinda’s wedding at Wedding Nouveau

JC Crafford Photo and Video wedding Photography at Venue Nouveau SB

I found the bride on the wedding day in a state of shock.

It was raining, and Belinda was petrified that it won’t stop raining. Personally, I couldn’t see that it will stop raining the day, it has been raining in Pretoria for the last two days…non stop.

But, Belinda and Shannon were lucky. The rain DID stop, just in time for their ceremony. And from there on nothing could dampen their spirits again. it was just smiles, kisses and hugs all the way.

Two things impressed me a lot on the day. The couple itself. it is just impossible not to love them, they are just two of the nicest people, and they are so considerate.

And secondly, the venue. Venue Nouveau just outside Pretoria in Gauteng. It was my first wedding here, and I was VERY impressed.

The place is stunning, and the food and service…sublime.

Shannon & Belinda, I LOVE you guys. You have made us enjoy your day tremendously with your kindness and love. Thanks

JC & Timothy Crafford


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