Claire and James’s wedding at a game farm near Modimolle

JC Crafford Photo and Video wedding photography at a game farm near Modimolle JC

James and Claire. Two really extraordinary people.

Claire grew up in South Africa, and James in the UK. And this is where they met when Claire went to work there.

Their wedding was a spectacular affair. Claire’s mum and dad have a beautiful game farm in the Modimolle area. A lot of her best childhood memories was made on this farm. And now one her best memory ever, her wedding memories, was created on this farm.

They pitched a huge marquees tent on the farm, right in the middle of the bush. And a second tent, that served as the kitchen. And a third tent where the ceremony will be. They cut roads through the bush to the marquees tent, and from there to the hill where they will say their vows.

If it sounds beautiful…it was. It was one of my best experiences ever as a wedding photographer.

They got a Marimba band to play some music for them and their guests.

They say rain bring good luck on a wedding day. So it was only fitting that it had to rain during the ceremony. Claire and James had to move in underneath the marquees tent for the duration of the ceremony. But that didn’t dampen the spirits. They were just too happy about tying the knot.

Luckily for us, the rain stopped in time for the photo session.

Because they had guests from 6 continents there they opted to not spend too much time on the shoot, they rather wanted to spend it with their friends and family.

And let me tell you, these people CAN party. I think all of them was on the dance floor all of the time.

James and Claire. It was a truly awesome experience to be your wedding photographer. You had one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever photographed.  I will always have very fond memories of your wedding day.

Enjoy a lifetime of happiness together.

JC & Timothy Crafford

PS: I have to mention James and Claire’s unbelievable wedding planner. Natasha Viet of Weddings by Tasha¬†

This is the lady who made it all happen. It is the third time that I had the privilege to work with her and her creativity, professionalism and boundless energy always impress me. Thanks Natasha.

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