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Mellow Oaks Wedding venue – David & Nicky


David & Nicky…I don’t think you get two more decent and nice people, I bet they won’t EVER have a fight!

It was so nice to photograph in Mellow Oaks again, what a venue. It is always so nice for me to be there, I got married there myself, and the people feel like family and the venue almost like home.

Nicky’s hair and make-up was done by her sister and her 2nd bridesmaid.

I saw something new at their wedding, the MC auctioned off the flowers on the table…now there was some fierce bidding involved here to get some of Sukie’s beautiful flower arrangements. (PS, Mr MC, I don’t know what kind of job you have, but you will be a VERY good auctioneer)

I was getting worried before the wedding…the minister was 25 minutes late (and the bride was in time..haha)

Enjoy married life David and Nicky.You deserve each other.


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