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Victorian Manor wedding photography – Jean and Hester

Wedding photography by JC Crafford photography at Victorian Manor in Cullinan

I met Hester two and a half years ago, she was a bridesmaid at a wedding i photographed. She then said to me ” When I meet my prince one day I will call you to photograph my wedding. ” True to her word she called me at the end of 2014, hester has found her prince…Jean, and she asked me to photograph her wedding.

It was to be at the awesome Victorian Manor in Cullinan. Cullinan is a small little town close to Pretoria in Gauteng. I don’t want to write a whole review on Victorian Manor, but let me tell you this, this is one of the best kept Secrets in Gauteng. If you want a special venue, with special hosts (Berthe and Jonathen Kershaw) in a special little town, look no further. Elegance, professionalism, friendliness and delicious food at it’s best.

Hester dreamed about her wedding, and her wedding was eventually just the way she dreamt about it. To show you how awesome this is, have a look at this photo, this is the colours that she dreamt her bridesmaids dresses must be, long before she planned on getting married at Victorian Manor, and this is the colours of the wall at Victorian Manor where we took the photos! Coincidence? Nope, this was planned by a Higher Hand!


I met Jean about two weeks before the wedding, and just knew he is the right match for Hester, both really love Jesus, and they are just so awesome together. (a match made in Heaven)

I will always remember the ceremony, the emotion and tears, the beautiful words. Hester trying her best not to cry and smudge her make up (she didn’t succeed) and Jean just smiling and looking at Hester all the time.

The weather was really building up during the ceremony, and I was getting worried about rain and the photo shoot. So, directly after the ceremony we went to the station for some photos, 15 minutes later it was raining. We managed to take some photos in front of some little shops (and triggered someones alarm about 5 times) Luckily Berthe arranged for us to take some photos inside the Premier Hotel in Cullinan, thanks guys, you really saved us.

Finished with the photo shoot…and the rain stopped!

I decided to try and remake a very popular wedding photo where a T Rex is chasing the bridal party and they are running away from the inosaur, but everyone was laughing so much that we decided to change the photo to Barney and friends in the background.

Here is the results.



And here is the Barney photo, I mean, one should have some fun at a wedding…

Wedding photography by JC Crafford photography at Victorian Manor in Cullinan

The reception was…as much fun as you can have with the awesome kind of friends and family that Jean and Hester have. A truly memorable wedding. I asked Hester to write something about her wedding, here it is.

Hester’s words.

I met my husband on the 30th March 2014 in our church Koinonia  …he sat right in front of me …and of course it was love at first sight with those beautiful blue eyes looking down on me…after church he ask me for a coffee date …and our love story started right away… after two weeks on Sunday the 13th of April in church Jean gave me a smartie box telling me to open the box when I am ready … I opened the box on the 17th of April just to discover that Jean wrote on each and every single smartie in the box asking me to be his girlfriend…four months later on August the 14th 2014…he took me on a hot air balloon ride in Pretoria and ask me to be his wife it was one kick ass beautiful day with an awesome man awesome view and the best RING I aver saw…
Our wedding day on 7 February 2015 was amazing seeing all the hard work getting together beautifully … all my dreams I had for 7 years came true for me, my husband really gave my all I asked for, never complaining … the thing I always will remember is the way my colours came together like a real heavenly wedding  just how I dreamed it would be… our day melted in one through the colours that we love… jean love black and white I love the 7 colours of the rainbow and that came so well together for our heavenly dream day that was the best memory for us.
There is always drama on a wedding but we made the best of everything, The flowers was late, very late but our wedding planner Berthe from Victorian Manor,my made of Honor and best man really saved our day, sorting all the problems. We didn’t need to stress at all because we knew we chose the best people to be surrounded with like our great photographer JC Crafford and his team they made the best of the time we had through the heavy rain and wind taking photos no matter what he even made me run in high heals…, JC you are really more than just good at what you do thank you for every special moment that you captured for us to keep a lifetime  …. Berthe saved our day by arranging with the Premier Hotel in Cullinan for the rest of the photoshoot so the rain did not stop us it send us to a amazing place for more amazing photos … we chose the best Venue Victorian Manor in Cullinan and thanks to Berthe and her husband (the chef) our day went perfect after the flower incident…and to make me feel like a princess I sure picked the best girl and I will recommend her any time to any bride.. Lilly wolmarans professional hair & make-up (email: , cell: 082 411 6865) she really felt like family and it felt like she did more than just her job.
My Dress was one of the most amazing feelings I ever experienced.. we went to Bridal Manor in Pretoria for a fitting… the forth dress I put on I didn’t even look up I just felt emotion coming all over me I knew this was the one … I looked up and indeed it was my dress….it fitted me like a glove thanks to Maggie Sotttero for making my dress just for me, I felt like a real Cinderella…
For our Honeymoon we went to Shelly beach and Margate, we had the best fourteen day vacation from riding horses on the beach to jumping off Oribi Gorge riding go guards, visiting the Rome Revolving restaurant and Ushaka Marine world we had great fun together.
My advise is do not do everything alone, this is the time for all your family members to be together this is great memories I will forever treasure having all my Brothers and Sisters and my Mother and Father around helping with anything …let them all love and support in their own way
We were also the videographers at their wedding, here is a short version of their wedding video, followed by their wedding photos.
Hester and Jean, it was not only an honour to photograph and film your wedding, but also to know you as people. We just know that God will bless your wedding abundantly!
Photographer: JC Crafford


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