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L’Aquila is an outstanding wedding venue. It is just outside Pretoria (Eastern side).

It is actually a huge surprise when you walk in there for the first time. They have the most beautiful gardens. It’s almost like you’re walking into the garden of Eden. They have a day spa there as well with a huge indoor swimming pool.

Another big plus is that they have a hair salon with enough space to allow the bride and all her bridesmaids to do their hair and make up there.

The room where the bride and bridemaids are getting ready is big and spacious (This doesn’t sound like something worth mentioning, but belive me it is. Most venues have such a small place for the bride and bridesmaids to get ready in that it gets really cramped when you still have to add the photographer, videographer, mother, grandma etc etc.)

One of the advantages for me of being a wedding photographer at a L’Aquila wedding is that you never have to worry about your photoshoot if it rains. There are just as many places inside the venue to do a shoot than outside.

There is accommodation available for some of your guests

There food is simply divine, and their staff always helpful, friendly and professional


L’Aquila Website

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(012) 802 0996

083 661 6318

Wedding Videos filmed at L’Aquila

Mark and Kim

Michael and Sone

SJ and Louise
Chaswin and Arlene
Ruan and Carlien
Thabo and Amenda
Werner and Stacey

Wedding Photos at L’Aquila

Thabo and Amenda

Lené and Llewelyn

Heinz and Tanya

Werner and Stacey

Chaswin and Arlene

Michael and Sone

Terence and Abigail

Kim and Mark

Ruan and Carlien

SJ and Louise






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