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China and Dimpho | Casablanca Manor Wedding

Pretoria Wedding Photographer and Videographer
JC Crafford Pretoria wedding photographer casablanca manor CD-55

China and Dimpho

It’s a love story a few years in the making.

They met in South Africa a few years ago and fell in love, but China stays in the UK. So a long-distance relationship started with China visiting whenever he could.

And then Covid.

Finally, China could come over again and the two got married at Casablanca Manor in a very intimate ceremony. I didn’t know such a small ceremony can be that beautiful. Well done to Cobus, Lynn, Annerie, and the team there…job well done!

This was a true example of “Love conquers everything!”

Well done Dimpho and China, we wish you and your beautiful son all the happiness in the world. We pray that your little family will be united forever very soon.


JC and Surika Crafford.

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