Johannesburg City Scape photo excursion


I got up at 03:00 to drive through to Jhb for Nextgen Photo Academy’s Johannesburg City Scape excursion It was my second excursion with Nextgen, and this is something I’m going to keep on doing. Being a pro photographer you often haven’t got time for personal photography anymore, this is a nice escape and just doing something fun photography and mixing with fellow photographers now and then.

We were on top of the Hallmark Towers shooting until after sunrise.

I can tell you two things:

I’ve NEVER been this cold, not even on my recent trip to Lesotho. (Note to myself, get some woollen gloves and a beanie before you go on your next excursion in the winter) and

It was absolutely beautiful being up there, I enjoyed every second in the company of Pierre van der Walt from Nextgen, Eslie Basson (National sales director of Fujifilm South Africa) and the other photographers that were there as well.

It was so interesting to see how the light literally change from minute to minute. I literally couldn’t stop shooting.

Here are some of the photos that I took.


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