Jac and Elzeth’s wedding at Diamantvallei.


Diamantvallei wedding venue near Pretoria, a stunning venue, a stunning couple, and an unbelievable start to my 2014 wedding season. I came back from holiday a bit earlier to photograph their wedding on 3 January…but I wasn’t sorry for one second. Jac and Elzeth are two such awesome people that you WANT to do everything for them.

Some very interesting facts about their wedding:

  • Have a look at Elzeth’s wedding dress, over an above the fact that is a VERY different and VERY stunning dress, it has a a lot of nostalgia attached to it. Big parts of Elzeth’s dress was made from material taken from her mother Carlien’s wedding dress…how cool is THAT?
  • Her garter…made from dad Andre’s cravat he wore on his wedding day!
  • Lerissa, one of the little flower girls’ mom Nicoleen was a flower girl on Elzeth’s parent’s wedding 30 years ago.
  • Elzeth herself was in turn 13 years ago a flower girl on Nicoleen’s wedding. so this is the 3rd generation flower girls. (wonder where this will end?)
  • Jac’s dad Pine was the minister who married them. (And Jac and Elzeth are both ministers. In fact, there were 10 ministers on the wedding)
  • The tablecloth is over 100 years old and have been in Jac’s family for 6 generations
  • Jac and Elzeth made almost everything for the wedding themselves
  • There was a lot of problems with Elzeth’s wedding dress right at the end, her aunt Retha flew up earlier to finish it and make sure Elzeth could be the stunning bride that she was.
  • Elzeth was not the kind of bride that wanted to suffer because of uncomfortable shoes, she wore crocs on her wedding day!

So where did this interesting couple’s story begin?

Officially, Jac and Elzeth met each other in January 2008, when they both started studying Theology at Tuks. However, in the still big first year class, they never really spoke and made friends with different people. From her second year, Elzeth only attended English classes and although they were still in the same class of about 40 people, somehow their paths never really crosses.  Until their fifth year. Suddenly Elzeth was back in the Afrikaans class and it did not take Jac long to notice her this time. Their relationship grew into a strong and trusting one very fast. So fast in fact, that they both decided to do their practical year the next year at churches in Namibia, Windhoek. In March they came back to Pretoria for a while and Jac got the whole family involved in asking the big question. He send Elzeth on a treasure hunt, starting with her Dad taking her to the place where they went on their first date. Today they are getting married by Jac’s Father, who is also a reverend. And now their story really begins….

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Thanks for making us part of your special wedding day Jac and Elzeth.

Elzeth’s make up was done by her bridesmaid Noleen


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