FNB put our Mug and Tree photos and story on their website.


I felt very honored when First National Bank phoned me earlier this week and said they want to put some of my photos on their website and link to the article I wrote on Mug and Tree.

Thanks for caring FNB


JC Crafford


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Thank you FNB for carring for our children. Estelle Opperman Mug and Tree Principal x

Thank you Estelle and Trudie for what you are doing for these children. I am honoured to be a part of it.

Baie baie dankie vir julle omgee in die groot projek wat 4 jaar terug net in ‘n bord kos ontstaan het – die Here se genade is groot en so ook die liefde en omgee van die gemeenskap. Dankie daarvoor

Good afternoon friends and family of Outreach ZA

Just a quick note to thank each and every one of you who contributed or prayed for the wonderful outreach to the nursery school this morning. If you have any doubts about the sincerity of the people that run the nursery school then I urge you to pay them a visit – these people have a deep love for Christ and are incredibly sensitive to the struggles faced by their community – and through the Grace of God have established this wonderful haven for these children.

Other than taking care of 40 young children in the mornings they also collect 30 kids for afterschool – the nursery school kids are developed to start primary school at Ebenaezer Laerskool – and there’s another mission field that needs work!

Everything that is collected by the school is used for the children – and any excess is donated to the 167 families that they support.

We thank our Lord Jesus for giving us the means to make a – to HIM be all the glory, praise and worship.

God bless

Mike Andrew
Outreach ZA Ministries
082 459 6990

Thank you very much for all the donations that came in the last few days. Today we could pack food parcels to send home to al out kiddies houses and some to the old people we always send food out every day. We are so grateful – thank you very much !!!

Mitchalene De Beer

Morning everyone

Johan, first a massive thank you for bringing Johannesburg’s attention to the plight of this nursery school and their community.

A friend and I call ourselves the M & M’s (Miracle Makers) and are currently underway with ideas and projects for Mugg and Tree. We have sourced funding to assist in on-going basis for the needs of the creche as well as possibly getting the house finally built and upgraded so watch this space.

Trudie / Estelle – We would like to meet with you next week to let you in on our plans for the Nursery School and your incomplete project…..the house. I contacted Estelle yesterday but will be in contact with you to finalise what day is best to meet with you.

God Bless everyone. God is sure at work here 🙂

Vanaand is my gemoed baie vol en loop ons kaste oor van dankbaarheid – ek wil hiermee aan almal wat deel was van die wonderlike projek baie baie dankie se. Julle liefde en hande wat vir ons so oop was…… dit is wonderlik – weereens baie baie dankie

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