Lowel GL-1 Hotlight

I recently imported the Lowel GL-1 Hotlight from the USA to use in my wedding photography business, I have used it at two weddings already, but this was really my first wedding that I had a proper chance to use it on a night shoot. It was on Marius & Jeanne’s wedding. They liked the idea of a night shoot, and were very relaxed while I’ve spend some time getting shots and trying new things.

I also started using a fulltime lighting assistant at this wedding, I must admit, it is a tremendous help to have somebody handling your flashes, Lowel GL-1 Hotlight and camera equipment, I could just concentrate on the couple and the photos.

This Lowel GL-1 Hotlight made a VERY big difference, I will not go to a wedding without it anymore. I can see why the GL-1 was designed by two wedding photographers, Brian Marcus and John Solano.

I didn’t include a photo of it, but I tried quite a few photos where I used some of the colour gels supplied when i bought the Lowel GL-1 Hotlight, I got some very funky shots. The barndoors that I got with it came in very handy as well, there were just that times when you needed a very narrow beam of light.

I used my trusted Fujifilm XT-1’s as my cameras and my Cactus Flashes.