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Ferdie & Linray’s Wedding at Gecko Ridge

Gecko Ridge wedding photography by JC Crafford Photo & Video FL

Ferdie & Linray’s big day was at Gecko Ridge in Pretoria. From the start we knew this will be a very nice enjoyable day. Ferdie & Linray are just that kind of people, decent people that always try and make other peoples life easier. People you can always rely on.

They agreed to spend a bit more time on the shoot to catch the golden hour. We managed about 15 minutes of beautiful golden sunlight before we had to go to the reception to enjoy the feast prepared for them and their friends.

They didn’t do the garter toss, the garter was auctioned off to the highest bidder…some extra spending money for the honeymoon, and something different from the ordinary. Oh yes, talking about the garter, after they blindfolded Ferdie they substituted Linray for one of her friends. Ferdie didn’t know this until they stopped him lookig for the garter under the girls dress.

Still in the auctioning mode they decided to auction Ferdie and Linray off for a dance as well.

After that we went for a night shoot

Ferdie & Linray, thanks for asking us to be your wedding photographer and videographers. It was a pleasure and a privilege to spend thed ay with you guys.

Photographer: JC Crafford




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