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Richard and Stephanie | Gecko Ridge Wedding

Gecko Ridge Wedding Photographer

Richard and Stephanie’s wedding was held at the stunning Gecko Ridge Weddings Conferences Functions and Guesthouse.

I asked the couple a few questions. Here is their story.

Where did you guys meet?

We met in Ghana. We both work for the same international organization but are based in different countries. Stephanie traveled to Ghana for training and met Richard as he was hosting the visiting team.

How did Richard propose?

After dating for a bit, Stephanie returned to Ghana to visit Richard and meet his family. The day Stephanie was flying out of Ghana, Richard took her out for dinner. After dinner, they walked through a small garden, stopping on a bridge over a little creek. Richard got down on one knee and proposed. Three hours later Stephanie was flying away with a ring on her finger!

Tell us about your wedding day.

The wedding day was such a simple and joy-filled day of celebrating our marriage with family and friends. We had friends and family fly from Zambia, Australia and Ghana. There was a great sense of celebration as we merged two families and cultures together. We thoroughly enjoyed the day!

Who did your hair and makeup?

My hair was done by my bridesmaids and my make-up was done by a friend of mine. We wanted to keep things simple and I was so grateful for their help and making me feel beautiful.

Tell us about your dress.

My dress was a simple dress that I found online in South Africa. Ha! It was white and I liked how it looked!  I felt very beautiful in it.

What was your inspiration for your theme?

Nature was the inspiration for the theme. We love simple things and the beauty of nature…you can’t beat it!

Tell us about your decor and flowers.

We wanted the décor to be simple, and have a natural feel to it. We used green eucalyptus leaves (a touch to my Australian background), white flowers and wooden elements throughout the decorations. We loved how it come up.

People/suppliers you want to thank?

Our wedding cake was amazing! We had a simple cake for cutting and cupcakes for the guests. I’d love to thank Karin from Bread and Things for that cake. Gecko Ridge was an amazing team and venue to host our wedding and Timothy Crafford for capturing our special day and giving us lovely memories.

Advice for future brides/grooms?

Do what you can to enjoy your wedding day. Keep it simple and fill it with family and friends who are special to you. Don’t sweat the small stuff and make lots of memories.

Your honeymoon?

We had a short honeymoon in Port Elizabeth. It was a lovely relaxed time of beaches, walks and good food. It was over too soon!

Your future together?

We are both living in Ghana, working together in training and community development. We are excited for the future together!


Timothy Crafford

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