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Dirkie and Geraldine’s Wedding at Lechwe Lodge


Dirkie and Geraldine, two REALLY fun people to be around. We did a pre wedding photo shoot, and I then knew that this is going to be a VERY nice wedding to photograph, and it was.

They got married at Lechwe Lodge near Kroonstad, I don’t think there is enough words to describe what an awesome venue this is, and the people! Like they say, Come as a stranger and leave as a friend. They REALLY, REALLY go out of their way to make sure every wedding is PERFECT. And the FOOD…Yummy!

How did these two meet? A friend said he is going to arrange a blind date for her with somebody, a farmer from Ficksburg called Dirkie, but he never got around doing it. Another friend of Geraldine, Susan later also said she wants to arrange a blind date for her, and it also happen to be Dirkie.

Susan invited them both for a braai, but both very reluctantly agreed. Lucky for them they did, because they really enjoyed each others company.

At the end of the evening Dirkie walked Geraldine to the car…and wanted to kiss her, but Geraldine walked around and around the car to get away from him. Perseverance and a couple of times around the car paid off and Dirkie got his kiss.

The next morning they started calling each other.

Still Geraldine wasn’t sure, she didn’t want to make a mistake. She went to the sea on holiday for a week. On the beach one morning she prayed to GOD and asked for a sign if Dirkie was the right man for her. When she said Amen she looked down, between her legs was a bracelet that somebody left….WITH TWO HEARTS ON IT!

They got engaged whilst on holiday at Cathedral Peak.

And now they’re husband and wife.

Geraldine and Dirkie, congratulations with your wedding, you are both awesome people and it was a privilege to be your wedding photographer.

Geraldine’s make up and hair was done by Marlize van den Berg, tel 0833217448, her husband was the DJ.

My son Timothy was the videographer at the wedding, you can see a short version of the video of the day by clicking here 


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