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Chris and Caryn’s wedding at Oxbow Estate


I got the call in January 2011, Chris and Caryn has decided to get married and is looking for a wedding photographer.

The first thing that striked me about them is how much in love they are, even for a wedding photographer like myself that see couples in love every week this was extraordinary. I think they kiss each other on average at least once a minute.

We arranged a pre wedding photo shoot at Oxbow estate, I was really surprised with how at ease they were in front of the camera. I was now really looking forward to their wedding.

Talking about Oxbow Estate, it is a chic country style wedding venue and trout fly fishing estate in Gauteng. With beautifully manicured gardens and expansive highveld scenery it is a photographic and bird watcher’s bliss, make sure you check this venue out if you’re looking for a beautiful place to use as a venue. They are close to Bronkhorstspruit.

Where did Chris and Caryn meet?  They met at a cousins wedding, the night before the wedding Chris still said to a friend that he is giving up on women, there is no more good women out there. Caryn herself just came out of a bad relationship and DEFINITELY wasn’t interested in another one.

Caryn remembered the tall guy with the cute groovy smile, in a ridiculous blue satin waste coat (Caryn’s words)

It was love at first sight, Caryn asked him for his number, and they started sms’ing the same evening!

Very special moments at the wedding: Their kiss in church when the minister said: “You may kiss the bride.”  It was 18 seconds long, we timed it on the video afterwards. That must be some sort of a record. The minister’s dry remark after the kiss…”You can see they have been practicing”

Read about the most special moment for me later on between the photos.

Make up:  Cecilia Laubscher, 072 143 6810

Hair: Hair on wheels, Claire, 084 603 3051,

Thanks to my two sons Bertie and Timothy that was there with me. Bertie was photographing with me and Timothy was shooting the video. If you want to watch a short clip of Timothy’s video Click here.

Remember: For some moments in time there are NO words.

I really like the next photo, the rooms where Chris and Caryn got dressed were right on top of each other. I got them to pose for this shot just before they went to the church. One photo of the two of them together, yet they couldn’t see each other!

The next two photos are really some of the most emotional moments I have ever seen at a wedding, I have never cried so much at a wedding. Caryn’s mum passed away when she was 10 years old, her dad Wal never remarried and he brought Caryn up alone. In fact, he is still wearing his wedding ring. ( You did an AWESOME job Wal) When they were sitting on the couch together he took out his wallet and took her mum’s wedding rings out and put it on Caryn’s finger. There were about 6 or 7 people in the room. We all just ran out crying and left them alone.

The moment when Caryn walked in was VERY emotional for Chris.

The famous 18 second kiss!

Chris and Caryn, I know your life together will always be a reflection of your wedding day! Lots of love, lots of kisses and a lot of smiles. Thanks for the honor of choosing me as your wedding photographer.

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Hi Johan

WOW!! We can’t tell you enough how much we love the photos you took, you really are so talented and such a pleasure to work with! Thank you for capturing our special day, we can’t stop looking at all the amazing photos. You absolutely went above and beyond our expectations of you and we are so grateful to you for everything that you have done to make our special day even more special!

Thank you again
Chris and Caryn

Hi Caryn,

Congrats on your marriage to Chris, you look absolutely wonderful. Hope you have many many years of happiness.
Love Beri

What wonderful memories of your very special day. Fabulous photos of the wedding Johan!!

Wow Stunning pictures! Really look like you having the time of you life! Glad to see he makes you truly happy! Going to miss you tremendously when you leave but will Never forget the few good times filled with laughter! Congratulations!

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