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Pretoria wedding photographer JC Crafford at Greenleaves with Geraldine and Piet’s wedding

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Now this was a VERY special wedding…especially because I made a small contribution to make it happen (read Geraldine’s story) Piet and Geraldine, you are two VERY special awesome people. Your love story is something very special, please always be the way you are now.

They got married at Greenleaves near Hartbeespoortdam, a STUNNING wedding venue As a wedding photographer I’m always excited to go back there to photograph a wedding. There is just so many places to photograph a couple.

But I don’t want to say to much…especially as Geraldine has a long story (and I want you all to read it…it is SO special)

Have a look at the first wedding photo, it was just chosen two days ago as the best wedding photograph for the week on Google’s largest community for wedding photographers (1300+ photographers display their work there) it was the 4th time since December 2012 that one of my photographs was chosen as the best for the week.

Here is Geraldine’s story on how they met and got engaged:

It was the morning of my sister’s wedding, what a beautiful day.  I had the privilege of being her Maid of Honour and sharing that special milestone in her life with her.  Sadly, after a very long separation, it was also the day that my final decree of divorce was granted.  I remember how confused I was by my contrasting emotions.  On the one hand I had to celebrate the joining of their lives for all eternity and on the other, I had to deal with the ending of what was supposed to be my eternity.

Although I tried my level best to embrace every happy moment with her, there were times where I just could not refrain from being very sad.  Her wedding photographer looked at me and enquired from me what the reason was for my sorrow on such a happy day.  I shared this information with him and his response was one I will never forget.  He said: “ Congratulations! ”  Now, this is not something you often hear on breaking news of a divorce and by the confused look on my face, he said, “ You obviously got divorced for a reason and now that is all something of the past. Now you can move on with your life and marry the right one for you, as he was obviously not the right one.”  Still I stood there in disbelief and had great difficulty in understanding how someone could say such a thing.

Her photographer told me that in a very short time period I would meet a man that is much older then what I am.  He will be successful, strong, confident and know where he is going, and will absolutely adore me and everything there is about me.  At this stage I did not believe a single word he uttered and thought to myself, sir, I am never getting married ever again and secondly, the person he had just described, does not exist or is already married. He concluded his statement by adding; “ Oh, and Geraldine, he will also be divorced and therefore understand the pain you are experiencing now…”  Needless to say, my sister and her husband had a beautiful wedding and I completely forgot all of the above information communicated to me.

It was a Saturday morning, exactly 71 days pursuant to my sister’s wedding day that I had to perform duties as a Commissioner of Oaths at a Can Care Word Record event.  I am a director of an established law firm in the West Rand and all my partners volunteered to assist at the event during different intervals.  I completed my interval and was on my way out when I a strong, assertive voice behind me say:  “ I would just like to tell you that you are the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my whole life.”  The first time I saw him, I knew that he was one of those people that would leave a mark so significant that it would make a difference in a life and I was right.

It was an ordinary morning in my life, which was changed to an extraordinary experience, an ever changing moment occurred that day and I realised that there are instances where God providentially guided people to arrange a meeting like with Isaac, Rebecca, Leah and Jacob.  Needless to say, Piet met the description made by my sister’s wedding photographer in every aspect and had many more good qualities.

Five months after we met, Piet advised that he had VIP tickets to see the Parlotones performing live!  I was ecstatic and could not wait.  I remember he even got a CD for us to listen to prior to the concert.  We love singing in the car when we travel and we know every word to every song they sing.  While I was getting ready a long, black limousine parked in front of our house and the excitement was just too much to handle.  I can’t even remember whether I combed my hair or not, but what I do remember is that I could not wait to get into the limo and go to the concert!


We arrived at the concert and the MC announced that they were doing a “ Couple’s Quiz.”  Both Piet and I share a common strength – COMPETIVENESS!  So we decided to go on the stage and answer the question in front of the entire audience, consisting of  2400 people.  We were instructed to look at the screen on stage and then the following appeared: “Geraldine…  Will you marry me? ”

When I looked at Piet, he was down on one knee proposing to me.  What he said was: “ I loved you from the first moment I laid eyes on you.  I loved you even before I knew your name.  Will you marry me? ”  I melted and obviously said yes.  The Parlotones dedicated a song to us – “FOREVER.”    “Even if you’re rich, even if you’re poor, every breath you breathe, I’ll be there for you.  Even if you’re strong, even if you’re not, every breath you breathe, I’ll be there for you.”

Seven months after we got engaged, we celebrated our wedding day at the beautiful Tuscan Wedding Venue, Green Leaves, nestled in the Magalies Mountains on the banks of the Magalies River, being the very same venue my sister was married at.

I remember sitting by myself for a moment, just appreciating the moment, when I looked up at Johan Crafford, and said: “ A year ago you spoke about a man that I will meet.  Piet is that man, and today I will marry him.”  Yes, the very same photographer at my sister’s wedding, the one that told me to keep faith, was the photographer at our wedding…

Thank you for your kind words and for our beautiful wedding pictures Johan.  Now we have photographs to show to the world when we tell them our special, unique love story.


Piet and Geraldine Laubscher 


JC Crafford Wedding Photography

I am a specialist wedding photographer. Why? I just love the romance, love and spending such a special day with people. This is the top job in the world. Being a wedding photographer. I am passionate about it, it is what i do professionally, and it’s what I do to relax.

If you want somebody to photograph your wedding that actually cares about it, give me a call on 0741 334 755 or email me at Remember, all that you have left of your wedding day is your partner and the photos..LOL

I personally photograph the weddings, you can read more about it here, and my wife Surika and son Timothy handles the videography of weddings

We also supply a photobooth with a difference

We stay in Pretoria and travel all over South Africa to photograph weddings.

Here is the photos, prepare yourself, bridesmaids dancing down the aisle, a gorgeous extrovert bride (is this the sexiest attorney in South Africa?) an adoring handsome groom, a fun filled romantic wedding.

Feel free to leave a comment after you have viewed the photos.

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Comments (4)

Pragtige fotos wat die spesiale dag goed vasgevat het .

Jan en Loukie

Such beautiful photo’s of Piet and Geraldine! They are truly a very special couple.

I was honoured to be a part of their special day!

Thelma Grobbelaar

Absolutely stunning!!!
Love your amazing story on how you met.
Beautiful bride!!

Thanks Thelma, jip, it’s actually a VERY cool story!

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