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Ben and Lizelda’s wedding at Makiti


I didn’t get to meet Ben when they decided to use me as their wedding photographer, I only saw Lizelda on the day. The reason…Ben locked himself  between his security gate and his door and had to wait for somebody to get him out, I thought that was hilarious, it’s the first time I have ever heard about something like that.

But I’m glad they eventually chose me as their wedding photographer, they are two incredible people and it was really fun to work with them on their wedding day. They met each other three and a half years ago at a club called Presley’s in Boksburg, when he walked in Lizelda recalled that she immediately though”Wow, where does he come from?” Lizelda said there were immediately chemistry between them, although they haven’t talked one word yet.

He was dancing with another girl when the song: Do you wanna be my girl”  was playing, he was however pointing at Lizelda during the dance, the other girl got cross and left, for the first time that evening Ben and Lizelda talked to each other…and they haven’t stopped since.

A little while after that Ben was in a big car accident, he said while the car was rolling over and over he only saw Lizelda’s face in front of him, the first time he saw her after that he told her that he loves her, and they started going out.

They got engaged at Umdloti on the rocks, Ben has been carrying the ring for three days in his pocket waiting for better weather, they got engaged at sunset….how romantic.

Lizelda loves him because he is down to earth and make her feel like a princess, he loves her because  he is a better person with her.

Ben and Lizelda, I feel honored that you have chosen me as your wedding photographer, it was an incredible privilege to spend the day with you and your family and friends.

They got married at Makiti Wedding Venue.

Lizelda’s hair was done by Lilanie from Artistic Hair, tel 083 297 7022, email:

Make up: Lizanne from Art of Make-up, tel 083 326 4714, email:


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Comments (7)

Hi Johan,

My eerste reaksie toe ek die fotos sien is trane!! Dit is absoluut amazing en dit is presies hoe ek kon droom ons fotos moet lyk.. BAIE BAIE DANKIE!!


Lizelda, ek is so bly jy hou daarvan, ‘n bruid se reaksie as sy van haar fotos hou is my eintlike betaling.

Lisinda Lombard

Die foto’s is absoluut STUNNING !!

Lizelda jy was ‘n PRAGTIGE Bruid en Johan jy was ‘n PUIK fotograaf !!



Dankie vir die kompliment Lisinda, en ek stem saam, sy was ‘n awesome bruid gewees.

Dis baie, baie mooi julle! Wens ek het so fotograaf op my troue gehad… Mooi foto’s is amper die heel belangrikste deel van ‘n troue. Dis op die ou einde van die dag al wt mens oor het van die groot dag. Dit en mooi herinneringe…

Louise Aggenbach

Lizelda, ek het geweet jy gaan ‘n pragtige bruid wees, maar die foto’s maak jou asemrowend lyk. Wel gedaan aan jou fotograaf, die foto’s is uitstenkend.

Johan, baie dankie dat jy ons spesiale dag net soveel meer spesiale gemaak het. Het nie gedink dis moontlik nie maar jy het Lizelda nog mooier laat lyk op die dag.

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