New photography studio in Pretoria East


I am super, super, super excited about our move to Pretoria East later this month. We’ve signed the contracts yesterday and I have big plans for the studio I want to open there. I want it to be THE place to go if you want to get your family, baby, or children photographed. If you want to launch your modeling career, or just update your portfolio with some fresh funky photos.

The studio will be in Faerie Glen in Pretoria.

I am in the process at looking to revamp my website a little bit as well, the only problem is to get my wife (who has her own web design business) to make some time to help me with a couple of things. In the meantime I’m spending some time finding out more about Google+, I believe they are going to play a VERY big roll in the future.

My days are now filled with the following, editing weddings, designing coffee table books and planning all my purchases and things I have to do for my new studio.

I had some very nice photoshoots this week (I had a very nice pre wedding photoshoot yesterday with a couple whose wedding I’m photographing later this year in Middelburg) Here is two photos that I edited quickly.


Hein and Anneli were nervous at first, but within 20 minute they were acting like pros. We ended our pre wedding photo shoot with a bottle of red wine in front of my computer looking at their photos


Here is another photo that I like, we caught the sun just right


I just love, love, love photographing babies. They are so innocent, and it is such a challenge to get them into the perfect pose that will give you the photo that mommy and daddy wants to enlarge and put up in the house and send to all the family. Here is two photos from a recent photo shoot in my studio. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE Black and White. It is just so elegant and classic.

Today i’m off to Makiti to photograph a wedding. Tonight after the wedding I will drive through to Hartbeespoortdam for a one day break away. My wife and some friends are already there since yesterday.


Need the break NOW, this is going to be a long, hard…but VERY exciting month with everything that still has to happen.




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