Clarens Snow Filled Day


It all started on Tuesday afternoon. It started snowing in PRETORIA. And South Africans are not used to snow. My brother phoned me and said we must go and look for snow. So … 30 minuted later we were all in the car on our way to JHB to look for snow. Kemptonpark … nothing. Linksfield …. nothing. I’m on all the social networks looking for the latest snowfall. We decided to drive through to Vereeniging to see the snow … nothing. Then my brother got a brainwave. Let’s drive through to Clarens (300 km away), there is DEFINITELY snow. A moment’s hesitation, then we all agreed … let’s do it!

The car was full of excitement that the sudden impulsive decision brought along. We stopped in Heilbron to buy toothbrushes and contact lens fluid for my wife for the evening as we will have to sleep over. No contact lens fluid, all the pharmacies are closed. Next stop, the provincial hospital. They also didn’t have contact lens fluid but they gave us a saline drip!

We arranged accommodation on the way. Got a few bottles of OBS on the way to keep us warm and Nando’s for supper in Bethlehem. We arrived in Clarens at about 21:00. We were very worried, 3 km from Clarens we could still not see any snow next to the road.

But Clarens was a wonderful fairytale. Covered in thick white snow that you only see in European travel magazines. We were taking photos like Japanese tourists in the Kruger National Park. A day I will always remember. Thanks bro! A Family that plays together stays together!



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