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Wedding Speeches


One of the most difficult parts of my wedding was my speech. I started writing on the speech about two weeks before the time. Looking for the right words to use, making a funny relevant joke maybe. I mean, who doesn’t want to impress with your wedding speech? Who doesn’t want to move his bride to tears by using exactly the right words when describing how much you love her. Your friends is going to do their best to hassle you during your speech, do you want them to win or do YOU want to come out on top?


Wedding speech builder

Wedding speech builder


I discovered a fantastic website that I wish I had discovered when I was planning MY wedding speech. I want to share that with you. They will help you with everything, best man speech, Groom speech, Father of the bride speech, Bride speech etc, they give you comical lines, speech templates etc. You can even fill in the person’s character traits, past, hobbies, career, appearance or shared history and they will help you to say the right things.

Go to and you will be sorted for your wedding.

Hope this helps … good luck!


Wedding speech builder






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