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Gabi and Olufemi’s wedding at Glenburn Lodge in Muldersdrift


Olufemi and Gabi got married at Glenhove at Glenburn Lodge. There wedding ceremony nearly didn’t happen. The minister had an appointment for another wedding at three, and Olufemi and Gabi’s wedding was at two. He told them she can not be late. Gabi wasn’t late, but her make up artist took a little bit to long with the make up of the bridesmaids. At 14:25 I was standing next to the minister, he said if she was not at the church at 14:30 he will have to leave. The second wedding was booked first and he can’t let them down. Two minutes before the minister would have left I saw Gabi and her bridesmaids coming down the stairs….was I relieved!

They met at his workplace in 2008, she and her manager went there to do a presentation for his company. She didn’t see him, but he saw her and said he immediately felt a connection. They corresponded by email…work related.

He e mailed her on her birthday to congratulate her. Two months later they went out for the first time…and she saw her for the first time in person. He has send her a group picture of him and some friends, and say she must guess which one is him. She guessed correctly.

They were both praying for the right partner when they met….and God provided.

He paid Lobola of 11 cows as well.

The music was supplied by ROGER HARRIS, DJ and one man band.Can this guy sing…WOW! If he brings out a cd I will be first to buy it. You can contact him on 083 349 6597 or email him at


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Comments (16)

Gabi Asake Shobowale

Hi Johan, Wow, Wow!!! I am speechless smilling non stop I can’t stop looking at the pictures. Thank you so much you did a great job I love my pictures, I’m glad that we chose you as our photographer, great choice indeed. You Rock!!!

Absolutely stunning pic’s, Gabi you made a GORGEOUS bride:)

wow Octavia this is stunning, first class at its best… am happy for you girlfriend

Lovely pix I soooooooo miissed

You looked really beautiful that day, The pics are stunning I am definitly getting married too !!!

Well girl…you did it, everything looks beautifull and organised, I like the black & white one where you gazzed into each others eyes! thats the truth right there.Perfect!

Im happy for you – Jeanette

Gosh!!! i’m certainly am lost for words, what a beautiful fairy tale wedding – well Octavia is an amazing bride and person. you and Gabi are bless by the almighty and may you enjoy each other for the rest of your life….
Premie Govender

This is one of the moments you know that one deserve the best in life ,Gabi and Femi you certainly do deserve the best,you look great and words can’t describe how amazing you both look.May God Grant you peaceful Marriage and a Matured way of handling all challenges that may come your way.Remember it’s not how you start is how you finish the race.God Bless.

Fiona Francis

You go girl, absolutely breath taking.May the Lord guide and keep you and always put him first in everything!!!

WoW moments like these are worthy to be shared these are great memories. Oki Congratulations girl you did it!!! I am so proud and happy for you…The setting, the bride and everything was elegantly beautiful. I like I like.

All i can say is Thank you to everyone who contributed in one way or the other in making this a success. Looking back now if we had opportunity to choose a photographer i will still choose Johan. His work is quality all through and to think that the is about the best bargain in the market in terms of rate. Thank you for adding beauty to the occassion.God Bless

Hey guys i am so jealousy ,i wish was my wedding but , wooo i am so happy to be invited luv u guys, may God continue to blees you

wow: i,m speechless what can i say it was the wedding of the year.

Ukuqala ukuhlakanipha ukemesaba Ujehova.And the Lord replied ,” I myself will go with you and give you success”, Exodus 33:14.

Both of you are surely blessed. May it be so for the rest of your days.

Be kind to each other.


Hey hey hey Gabs… You are favored my friend, your name is favour. Beautiful pictures and beautiful bride equals to blessed life! May God keep you and your hubby together as one forever! Love you!

Wow!!!!! girl everything looks perfect God bless u and plz respect ur hubby.

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