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Brits Wedding at Zakopane – Steven & Madelein


Brits Wedding at Zakopane

Zakopane near Brits was the setting for Steven and Madelein’s wedding, all the months of planning resulted in a beautiful wedding where these two lovebirds tied the knot

I asked Madelein a couple of questions about their wedding:

How we met: We started chatting online and after two weeks he asked me out on a date. We met at Cape Town Fish Market and immediately felt sparks flying.

Our Proposal: 5 months after we met, I planned my big Birthday Party (the day after my actual birthday). He showed me this big Pink and black gift box telling me it was my birthday present and I should try and guess what it was. So for two weeks I nagged him to tell me, which he didn’t off course, just smiled his mysterious smile. So that day, I opened my present and was surprised to find two Champagne bottles and that’s when his speech started and it dawned on me what’s really going on. After declaring his never ending love where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him with my whole family watching.

Wedding Day: It was a cloudy and almost rainy day. Busybodies everywhere. The whole day I was so calm and couldn’t wait to put on my dream dress. When I got to the doors I realized that I didn’t know what to do, we forgot to practice my walk down the isle. That’s when my nerves kicked in. So I just smiled and headed toward the most amazing man In the room. He held my hind so tight and squeezed it reassuringly throughout the ceremony. The confetti on my dress looked so beautiful. I felt really, really happy!

The Dress: I went through so much Drama with that dress. Too big… Too long… Zip, no lace up and back to zipper. Finally the day before our wedding, my dress was perfect!

Flowers: My Aunt Marthie is an Excellent florist and the flower arrangements were her gift to us and it was the most beautiful and thoughtful gift ever.

Highlight: Our First dance. I loved the sparklers and looking into his eyes with his arms around me. It was just us two in that moment sharing our love for one another.

Drama: Well… except for my beautifully manicured nail that broke early that morning and for my hairstylist being 3 hours late and my dress zipper breaking just before entering the church and delaying the service for 15minutes trying to fix it and the DJ getting our first dance song awkwardly wrong. No, no drama 😀

Honeymoon: Wow Wow Wow! Awesome. We did so much fun stuff. Our very first vacation and getaway together. Highlight off course: “The Oribi Gorge Swing”! Highest swing in the world. Terrifying to take that leap, yet so much adrenaline and amazing scenery. Then there was the Ushaka Ocean Walk, Wild Coast Sun Casino and Waterpark. Horse riding on the beach. We visited every beach incl. Margate, Shelly Beach, Durban, Ramsgate, Uvongo, Southbroom.  Had the most relaxing full body couples massages. We ate at the Waffle House (So delicious), Lobster house (So Romantic),, Blue Lagoon (Great Cocktails). We just had so much fun!

Photographer: He made us feel comfortable and relaxed. Everything went smoothly and very professional. And a big thank you for reassuring hubby that the bride being late happens at every wedding so he could relax again.

Make-up: Maritza Schoon (Niece) 079 492 8172

Hair: Francoinette Le Roux: 078 320 5253

Honeymoon: was in Margate, Balooga flats

Advice: Don’t start the ceremony too late, you never know how the weather would turn out or what might go wrong. Everything is not going to be perfect, somewhere something might go slightly wrong and just accept that, just enjoy every moment because it goes by so quickly.

 Inspiration: Trial and error. We wanted to do our own thing. Between all the coloured lights we could find, blue was the most impressive. We bought various items and at the end of the day we had something beautiful. From there we just went along with what we both liked. We had a lot of help from family giving suggestions and support. Our theme was inspired by shimmer and lights.

JC Crafford Pretoria Wedding Photographer and Videographer

JC Crafford Photography is a family business that specialises in wedding photography and videography. Although we stay in garsfontein in Pretoria east we regularly travel all over South Africa to photograph weddings.

Here is a selection of their wedding photos followed by a shortened version of their wedding video





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