Tshidi & Shebo’s wedding at Summer Place

Tshidi and Shebo are two extraordinary people. They had two weddings, at first their white wedding at Summer Place in Hyde Park, and 7 days later their traditional wedding on Tshidi’s dad’s farm in Botswana.

At their white wedding, they had 240 guests. And each of those 240 people got a thank you card which was personally written to them, each with their own individual wording. That was a first for me in almost 9 years as a wedding photographer.

They also did things a bit differently, Tshidi organized almost the whole wedding by himself as Shebo stays far away in Klerksdorp and it was just not possible for her to be that involved with her work. Wow Tshidi, hats off to you man, you did an awesome job.

They have been together for a very long time, and you could see that they are so happy to finally be married. Shebo has the most beautiful smile, and I don’t think that smile left her face once during the day.

This was the perfect wedding in so many ways, and a day that Tshidi and Shebo and each of their guests will remember forever, and so will we.

Enjoy your future together as husband and wife Tshidi and Shebo.

JC Crafford



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