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Lace on Timber Wedding Photographer

Chris-Jan and Lauren’s wedding at Lace on Timber

Lauren and CJ unknowingly chose a significant day to get married. The day that the Springboks played in the World Cup Final against England. But even more important than that. 10 Years ago to the date they started going out. 

If you want to see a dedicated bride, that is Lauren. Completely focused on her make-up and hair, and totally oblivious of what is happening at the rugby. A total contract to her groom CJ. He and his groomsman had a little screen up in a room, and everyone was following the rugby, with a drink in hand.

I haven’t had time to watch the rugby, but I didn’t care. I love photographing weddings, and this was such a special couple, I loved being there for them. When I got there the game was on already. I walked in at CJ and his groomsmen’s room and pronounced. OK guys. Let’s start with your make-ready shoot. You should have seen their faces.

Lauren and CJ’s friends and family are VERY important to them. So important that Lauren emailed me and said: 

“After the above photos are taken, we do not want to leave for our photoshoot immediately – C-J and are both not particularly set on taking 1000 photos of only us as a couple (as bizarre as this sounds), we would prefer to spend this time with our guests enjoying the band and canapes – we would appreciate if you could use this time to mingle/follow us and take candid shots of us spending time greeting our guests/ guests congratulating us/C-J and I holding hands and walking up to our guests as they enjoy the canapes and band etc. “

This is not an order that I often get, and I think this perfectly describes the type of people they are… and why their friends are so loyal towards them.

After the ceremony and canapes, we had a 25 min shoot and then we went into the reception. The place was beautifully decorated. As always Lace on Timber went out of their way with everything.

Lauren and CJ. I can’t think of a nicer couple to be together. Thanks for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I loved every second with you guys!

JC Crafford

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