Petrus and Yolandi’s wedding at Valverde Eco Hotel

JC Crafford Photo and video wedding photography at Valverde Eco Hotel

Petrus and Yolandi had to organise their wedding in a matter of weeks. Petrus got a new job in Germany and the couple decided to get married before the move over.

Their wedding was at the beautiful Valverde Eco Hotel in Mulderdrift. As always everything was perfect and the food superb. You could see from the way these two acted since they saw each other for the first time on the wedding day that this wedding mean a lot to them. The fulfillment of their dreams.

The wedding was an intimate gathering of about 40 people.

A day I will never forget, and one that Petrus and Yolandi will never forget either.

Thanks for choosing me as your wedding photographer guys. You have really touched my life with the kind of people you are.

JC Crafford


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